Hoops Recruiting: Visit impresses Clarke

Oklahoma sharpshooter Rotnei Clarke talks about his visit to Norman.

Rotnei Clarke, G, 5'10, 155, CLAREMORE (VERDIGRIS), OKLAHOMA:

JH: The last time we talked you were going to go an OU game. So what was your talk on that game?

RC: "It was a great atmosphere. They were playing Texas A&M and we sat right behind the bench. We got there before game and watched all the fans yell at Acie Law and that was pretty funny. That is a great atmosphere at Oklahoma. I know all the coaches at OU and they are a great staff. It was fun to be around that area."

JH: Did you learn anything about the program that you haven't learned before?

RC: "I realized that coach (Jeff) Capel's style of offense is the type of offense that I will fit into."

JH: What did you think about the team and about some of the recruiting class that is coming in a well like Blake Griffin?

RC: "I think coach Capel has done a great job for his first year. He said he was not playing with his own recruits yet, but next year they are going to keep getting better and better coach Capel He is a great coach and he and his staff are putting together a good recruiting class."

JH: OU appears to need a shooter now, but in the future. Since you are one of the best shooters in the country how do you feel about your chances to fill that role?

RC: "That is what Coach Capel told me. Any team that needs a shooter is going to increase my interest in them a little bit, because that is what I do. I am mostly shooter, but they are telling me that I will probably play mostly point. Coach Capel said he would use me in several different ways and that he would not be afraid to play me at any guard position. My interest in OU increased a little bit because he was telling me that OU needs a shooter and they will have Michael Neal graduated.

"I can tell that guards can get shots in coach Capel's offense. That is one thing that I have noticed about Jeff Capel's team. Every play that they run they got an open shot. Sometimes they didn't hit them when they had open shots, but they had an open shot every set play that they ran. That is what I like about coach Capel's offense."

JH: I have read a lot about your interest in Arkansas, so what is your interest in the Hogs? Don't' you have family in Arkansas?

RC: "I do have family in Arkansas. My grandmother lives in Arkansas. She lives in Fayetteville and that is a college town. She is trying to get me to go there to live by her, but of course I am not going to say I am leaning towards Arkansas because I am not leaning towards anybody right now. I am just trying to get a feel for the recruiting process."

JH: Does it amaze you that people are now talking about you across the country?

RC: "At first, I was very surprised when I got that first call or letter. I didn't think anybody would want me, but I have developed my game a lot. I guess more and more people are hearing about me and that is a good thing. It is a great experience and I am going to do everything I can to live out my life the way that God wants me to."

JH: How many schools have offered you at this point?

RC: "I think I have 12 offers all together, but I don't have that list of schools with me. I can tell you the teams that are hitting me really hard right now — OU is hitting me really hard, Arizona State, Marquette, Arkansas, Washington State and Tulsa are the main colleges that are recruiting me right now."

JH: I also hear that you have a great interest in Tulsa and they may have a slight advantage, because you have a sister who is very talented in Volleyball and you two can both go to Tulsa on scholarships. Is that true?

RC: "My sister and I are really close, but we are not looking at college feeling we have to go to the same school. We are just doing what we have to do letting God fill our lives with what he wants us to do. We are going to go where we really we should be. My sister is really good at volleyball, but Tulsa has not offered her yet because she is only a sophomore. But they are showing some really good interest in her. She mentioned to me that we could go to the same college, but that is not something that is definite. Wherever we go is where we will go and it may not be at the same school."

JH: What are you averaging as we talk right now? Last time we talked you were averaging 35 points per game?

RC: "I have improved it to 35.7 points per game. I also averaged seven assists and nine rebounds per game."

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