Recruiting: Another Gilmer star on OU's radar

Gilmer, Texas receiver Lamar Harris talks about his top four and interest in Oklahoma.


Lamar Haris plays at talent-rich Gilmer High School in Texas. Gilmer has produced some of the best players in Texas over the past several years and already celebrated teammates Justin Johnson (OU) and David Snow (UT) have made national news with early commitments. Harris is considered their equal, but don't expect him to make any early commitment because he just isn't ready.

"My dad hasn't even given me the OK yet to make a commitment. I am not ready anyway," said Harris. "I am thinking things over and still waiting to see how things turn out. I will probably make my decision sometime during the season. I am going to definitely take my official visits during the season."

Harris is a very talented player, but he is so good that he is being recruited on both sides of the ball, which is OK with him. Last season at wide receiver, Harris caught 42 passes for 810 yards and 16 touchdowns. On defense, Harris managed 16 tackles, two fumble recoveries and three interceptions, two of which he took back for touchdowns (82, 42). Harris started his sophomore year at cornerback and came up with 32 tackles, three interceptions again taking two back for touchdowns (52, 30) and one fumble recovery that he scored on.

"I will play wherever they want to put me," said Harris. "I love playing on both sides of the ball and I think I am good on both sides of the ball. I don't have a preference and most coaches are telling me they are recruiting me as an athlete, and that they will figure out where to play me when I get there."

Players at Gilmer are used to getting individual attention, so for Harris the fact that people are saying he is one of the best players in Texas is something that he is OK with.

"It is cool. I like the publicity that I am receiving," said Harris. "It is going to motivate me to continue to get better and to play well. I believe that you get rewarded for your efforts and if you do the right things that you will be rewarded. So, I am happy with what is being said about me and I look forward to playing up to that level."

Harris says he has been offered by Oklahoma, Tulsa, Texas A&M and Baylor, and right now it is those four schools he is considering the most.

"I am going to look hard at those schools that have offered me," said Harris. "It is those four schools who have shown me the most attention and that believe in me the most. I am not saying they are my favorites thought because I am still considering other schools. I expect other schools to offer me, but right now it is the four schools who have offered me that are getting my serious attention."

Harris is also considering Texas, Florida and Michigan. He says he has been in touch with all three, but Oklahoma is certainly a school that has grabbed his attention.

"Oklahoma has a nice program and they always win," said Harris. "They are the top winning team in the NCAA over the last few years and you have to like that. They are recruiting me as an athlete and I enjoy talking to Coach (Josh) Heupel. They are certainly a school that has my attention."

Since Johnson committed to the Sooners he has become one of their best recruiters, and he is not afraid to call another player or shout out to another player that they should follow him to Oklahoma. Since Harris and Johnson are friends and they go to the same school, you know that he has mentioned to Harris a few times that he needs to play football with him at OU.

"Yeah, he is working on me a little," said Harris. "He is working me, pushing and nudging me a little bit to OU."

Harris says he didn't make it up for the first OU Junior Day, but he hopes to make it up to the next one. Harris says he gets text messages from Florida and Michigan, and that he talks to former Gilmer star and recently UT signee Curtis Brown about Texas. However, don't expect Harris to make a decision on where he will visit or who he is going to sign with anytime soon.

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