Landry Jones: "I like OU a lot"

New Mexico QB Landry Jones talks about what he's looking for in a school, a timetable for his decision and his interest in Oklahoma.


Ever since Landry Jones participated in the University of Oklahoma summer camp last summer, he has been one of the most talked about junior quarterbacks in the country. Jones went from that camp ranked as one of the top up and coming juniors and then he went out and completed 189 of 334 passes for 3,334 yards and 45 touchdowns against only nine interceptions.

Posting those kinds of amazing numbers will put you among the elite quarterbacks in the country and draw attention from college football coaches from all corners of the country, as well as fans and media alike. Then, on top of all that, Jones proved that he is a winner as well leading his team to a perfect 13-0 record and the Class 4A State Championship.

"It is kind of weird, really. When you look at yourself it is kind of humbling," said Jones. "I just have to keep a level head on me. I had a pretty good year last year, but I could have thrown fewer interceptions.

The camp at OU did seem to put Jones on the road to the status that he now enjoys, and even he admits he had a very good camp in Norman.

"I am really glad I did well at that camp," said Jones. "I was glad that I got recognized by Coach (Josh) Heupel and I started to talk to him more and more. I think that was the most enjoyable thing to come out of that camp for me."

When you get a reputation at quarterback, teams start to gameplan against you and by the end of the year and Jones has seen just about every defense that you could think of.

"We saw a lot of different stuff," said Jones. "We saw a lot of cover-2 and cover-3, and some teams tried to a man-free and blitz a lot. We saw teams drop eight men in coverage, but we saw combinations of these types of defenses every game. Some of the defenses got pretty complicated. One team ran quarter and quarter-halves and they did a lot of different stuff to us. They didn't stop us, but we had to make adjustments to work their defense."

Jones has been offered by Wisconsin, Colorado, Oregon, Virginia, New Mexico State, New Mexico, Arizona and UCLA. You don't see Oklahoma on that list, but an offer could be soon in the future.

"I think they are going to offer, but I don't know for sure," said Jones. "If they do offer, I have a really, really strong interest in them. I really had a good time at camp when I went up there. I like Coach Heupel and Coach (Bob) Stoops and all of those guys. I like OU a lot."

OU will definitely sign a quarterback in the 2008 class as they have only three on their current roster.

"That is a good situation for me too," said Jones. "That is a plus for Oklahoma."

Jones says he would like to make a decision in a few months, but he is keeping an open mind and admits he does not have a favorite.

"Right now I am just trying to get through basketball," said Jones. "Once I get out of basketball, and once I get a couple more offers in, I will then narrow my list down after I get all my offers. Then I will take my officials and make my decision. I want to make my decision by end of April or early March. I hope to visit Wisconsin, Colorado, and Virginia and maybe to Arizona unofficially when basketball is over. I want to make my decision sometime between March and May. I also plan to take an unofficial to Oklahoma. Even when I do commit, I am still going to go to the some combines and try to get to the Elite 11 Quarterbacks Camps."

What are the major factors that Jones is going to consider in making his decision?

"One is the key factors in my decision is going to be how early will I get to play," said Jones. "Will I get a chance to compete for a starting job and will the team have a chance to compete for a National Championship? I want to go to a team that throws the ball. I don't want to go to a wishbone team, but I know a team has to have a running game as well. So a team with a good offensive concept and that throws the ball well is going to be important. I want to go into a pro-style offense that throws the ball pretty and is well balanced. Distance isn't going to be much of a factor. My parents are probably going to buy an apartment wherever I sign so they will have a place to stay whenever they want to come up and see me."

Jones averages 17 points per game in hoops and he has qualified.

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