Recruiting: Top Texas DT to decide soon

Cedar Hill, Texas defensive tackle Jarvis Humphrey profile and update.


Talented defensive tackles are hard to come by and when one is as good as Jarvis Humphrey, he then becomes one of the most sought after prospects in the country. Humphrey has the size and speed that all defensive coaches look for in a defensive tackle, and the strength to take on the entire offensive line.

Humphrey has been ranked one of the top three defensive tackles in Texas and he is one of the best in the country. And with that comes a tremendous amount of attention and publicity.

"It makes me feel wonderful. It is nice to hear good comments about me," said Humphrey. "Then again, on the other side I have to work to keep it. So it really works as motivation for me."

Humphrey wasn't a national recruit at the beginning of last season so he had to build up this reputation with some outstanding play during the year.

"When I was younger in little league I was double- and triple-teamed, but my first year on varsity I wasn't really known that well," said Humphrey. "I was getting used to the system and all of that and we had some great talent around me. This year I figured that will all change, because I will be well known and everything. Everybody gets on Scout and they read about me and they figure they have something to prove when they go against me."

Humphrey plays all three inside positions and he is moved around on the defensive line in an effort to keep the offense guessing. Last season, Humphrey finished with 37 tackles, 17 tackles for loss, two QB pressures, three sacks, two tipped passes, three fumble recoveries and two caused fumbles.

Humphrey can bench 300 pounds and squat 570, and he was tested in the vertical jump his freshman year and jumped 20 inches. He has not been to any camps or combines and he has given up track to power lift.

Humphrey has received scholarship offers from LSU, Miami, Texas, Baylor, Kansas, Kansas State, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, TCU, Wisconsin and Minnesota, but he says he does not have a leader at this point.

"My top schools are Texas, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Texas A&M and LSU," said Humphrey. "Oklahoma was my first visit and they have a real nice program. At that time I really didn't know how to look at everything, but everything that I saw there was pretty good. Oklahoma has real nice facilities and the atmosphere around campus feels like home. Everybody is real nice and the OU coaches care about their players. I like Oklahoma a lot. Everything is real close by, which is real good."

The only other school Humphrey has been to at the moment is Texas, and the Longhorns are going to be hard to beat for his services.

"Texas was pretty good," said Humphrey. "It really wasn't too different from Cedar Hill. The coaches at Texas are real upbeat and they were not real serious at practice. They are all out there having fun, so it was pretty good up there. I would have to say right now that Texas is my favorite. I grew up a Texas and Texas Tech fan. I was really about 50/50 and then I just followed Texas the last two or three years."

What is Humphrey going to consider in making his decision?

"I am going to consider location, the courses they offer and the defense they run," said Humphrey. "I want to be in a 4-3 defense. I think I will make a decision in the next three weeks. I am just taking my time visiting all the schools. I plan to go to Texas A&M and Oklahoma State in the next two weeks and then depending on how everything goes I want to get to LSU. But we may not have the money to go to LSU."

Humphrey says he will be able to qualify.

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