RECRUITING: Taylor still favors two

Mission, Texas WR Earvin Taylor talks about his favorites and first high school game of the season


JH: How did your season opener go?

ET: This past Friday we beat Mercedes, 43-24. I had three catches for 203 yards and three touchdowns. I also had a 100-yard kick return for a touchdown.

JH: Are you also being recruiting to return kicks?

ET: Nobody really talks about me being a kick returner, but I wouldn't be against returning kicks in college.

JH: What coaches have you heard from this week?

ET: I have heard from Texas A&M, Oklahoma and Arizona since Monday. I am interested in all three of those schools.

JH: How is recruiting shaping up with you at this time?

ET: I have a top two right now and that is Oklahoma and Texas A&M. Oklahoma is a very good team and I like their offense a lot. They catch a lot of passes every year and wide receivers play a big role in their offense.

At Texas A&M they are passing the ball now and they are rebuilding their offense. Their quarterback is getting close to setting a new passing record at Texas A&M, but I want to watch them very close and see how their offense is developing.

JH: Your brother plays at Texas A&M, does that play a big influence in your decision?

ET: It really doesn't have any influence. I want to make my own choice for me.

JH: Are you going to visit Oklahoma?

ET: I am trying to set up a visit with Oklahoma on September 21, however we are still working on it. We have a bye week that weekend and I hope we can work it out.

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