OU in East Coast lineman's top five

Norfolk, Va. offensive lineman Vinston Painter update and profile.


OUinsider.com first noticed Vinston Painter at the Scout Combine in San Antonio. To be honest, it wasn't difficult to spot him because he is so big that we couldn't miss him. Just by looking at him, even if he is just standing there, you can tell he is a great athlete. Then when he starts moving around you learn that he is a fantastic athlete and you realize he is a tremendous prospect in the offensive line.

Others have noticed as well and with college scholarship offers pouring in, Painter was recently named one of the top 10 offensive linemen in the country. And he is so good that he will fall into that argument that he is very best linemen back east and maybe the very best in the country.

"That feels good when people talk that way about me," said Painter. "Being thought of that way is something that I am really glad to know. I can't really explain how I feel because I can't really believe that people are talking about me all over the country."

Painter was already well known in his part of the country and was already beginning to hear from college coaches from coast-to-coast, but even he admits that the Scout combine is where he fan-fair really took off.

"I had a lot of fun down there in San Antonio," said Painter. "It was fun meeting some new people and it looks like I went up against some pretty good competition. I did a pretty good job down there, I actually did better than I expected myself to do. I found out that I matched up and was better than some of the guys who were as highly thought of or who were ranked as high as me."

Painter goes into his senior year with tremendous potential and he has some big plans for his final high school season.

"I want our team to go a step further and go from making the playoffs and moving up to the state championship game to possibly winning the state championship," said Painter. "For myself, I just want to continue to get stronger, better, faster and get better on my technique."

Painter broke into the starting line-up as a freshman, starting at right tackle before moving over to left tackle his junior year. Painter believes he can play both tackle positions equally and it doesn't matter to him which tackle spot he plays. He can bench 375 and squats close to 600 pounds. He has even posted a 26-inch vertical jump and throws the shot and discus in track.

"Everything that I do is in an effort to get better in football," said Painter. "My size and athleticism is what makes me a good offensive lineman, but I also feel I have a great work ethic and that my coaches really care about me. They are very good at what they do and also are striving to make me a better player. I have pretty good footwork for a guy my size and I feel I am equally as good both as a run blocker and a pass blocker."

Painter has been offered by 40 schools and already he is trying to narrow down his choices.

"My top choices right now are Virginia Tech, Florida, Oklahoma, Penn State, Clemson, Rutgers, North Carolina State, USC and Georgia. "My top five right now would probably be Virginia Tech, Florida, Georgia, Maryland and Oklahoma."

Painter can go to any school in the country, but admits that Oklahoma is one of the schools that he has been watching for some time.

"Oklahoma is a pretty good school. I will probably take one of my visits there," said Painter. "I have always wanted to check them out, I like their football program. I like their academic programs too, but I need to take a look at their business program. Oklahoma also does great job getting players ready for the NFL, and I always take a look at that. I always evaluate how many players they have in the league and how many players they have going in the coming season."

Painter plans to take his five visits and he hopes to visit some Junior Days or some summer camps, but he is not sure which one's at this time. He has not been to any Junior Days yet, but admits he has been to camps at Penn State, Rutgers and ECU. He also says he is not locked in to attending college close to home.

"I am pretty open right now when it comes to location," said Painter. "I am not really worried about going to far away from home. I don't want to go anywhere on the West Coast, but I don't have to stay in the area. I am not afraid to go away from home."

Painter has qualified.

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