Recruiting: To commit or not to commit?

Van, Texas running back Jermie Calhoun talks recruiting.

Jermie Calhoun, RB, 6-0, 195, VAN, TEXAS:

JH: How have things been going in recruiting recently?

JC: "It has been going great. I have seen a couple of great programs and I have been visiting with a lot of great coaches. I am going to tell teams to keep calling me and keep talking to me until I get ready to commit to somebody."

JH: Did you go to Texas A&M recently?

JC: "Yes. This past weekend I went to Texas A&M."

JH: What did you think of Texas A&M?

JC: "It was pretty good. There are some great coaches up there and great players up there. Texas A&M had a nice environment in College Station."

JH: What did you tell Texas A&M about your interest in them?

JC: "I told them just like I tell everybody else that I am going to keep my options open. I am not in a rush to commit to anybody right now."

JH: Do you plan to go to more Junior Days in the future?

JC: "I am definitely going back to Oklahoma this weekend, and that will be the only school I go to for a while. I have track practice and meets most of the weekends ahead, so I won't be able to visit many other schools."

JH: How is track going?

JC: "It is going well. We had a track meet last weekend. I run in the sprint relay and the 800 relay. I run the 200M (23) and my coach wants me to start running the 100M in the next couple of weeks. I have run a 10.9 in the 100M before."

JH: How interested are in Oklahoma at this point?

JC: "I like the Sooners you know. They are a pretty good school. I am still thinking about committing early to them or waiting and go through more of the recruiting process."

JH: So as of now you're debating whether to go ahead and commit to OU or open up your recruiting even more and continue to see what opportunities are out there for you?

JC: "Yes sir."

JH: What is keeping you from pulling the trigger?

JC: "Many people in my family tell me to keep it open and to continue to look at more schools and everything. They tell me to take my time and make sure I know what I want to do. I still like Oklahoma a lot, but I just want to make sure that I am ready to commit when I make my decision."

JH: What is it about Oklahoma that you like at this point?

JC: "I like the coaching staff and the players up there. I have a couple of friends (Manuel Johnson) who go to Oklahoma. I think it would be a good education for me to go up there. They have a real nice program."

JH: So when you come up to Oklahoma this weekend are you going to try to make a decision on whether to commit or continue to go through the recruiting process?

JC: "Yes sir."

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