Recruiting: Sooners or Irish for Texas OL?

Dallas, Texas OL Ben Habern talks about his recent trip to Notre Dame and interest in Oklahoma.


JH: You went up to Notre Dame for Junior Day, so what is your impression of the Fighting Irish?

BH: "Well, I think it was awesome. I have been to Michigan, but I have never been to Notre Dame before. I have never seen that part of the country before and there was three to four feet of snow everywhere. That was really cool. The campus was awesome and that is something that I really didn't know about. Notre Dame is one of those big tradition schools. You have seen Rudi and all that, and it was just awesome to see the actual the campus.

"It was great to see the actual the locker room with all the tradition in there. Then walking down the tunnel and then seeing the sign that says ‘Play Like a Champion Today' and I got to hit that sign. So that was really cool. Their coaching staff is great. I love all of them. It was just a cool experience. I have never really seen anything like that before. It was really fun."

JH: So what is your take on recruiting now that you have been to Oklahoma and Notre Dame?

BH: "Definitely, Oklahoma is still my top choice. But Notre Dame really impressed me. I wouldn't say that I am reconsidering, but I would say that you can put Notre Dame at the top with Oklahoma. They kind of surprised me when they offered me, and that made me reconsider just a little. Also, Miami has offered me. Now that I have Notre Dame and Miami who have offered me, they are also at the top now with Oklahoma."

JH: So now that you have some schools offering you a scholarship, do you want do you want to sit back and think your options over?

BH: "Yeah, I want to sit down with my parents. I am not sure I want to go somewhere far away for college, but at the same time it would be a cool experience for me. I just want to sit down and think about everything."

JH: Do you still want to commit soon or are you going to take more time?

BH: "I am definitely going to make a decision in the next week or two. I want to get this over with."

JH: Now that you have seen some other schools you can compare them to Oklahoma, what are your thoughts on the Sooners' program?

BH: "Oklahoma has a great coaching staff and Coach (Bob) Stoops is awesome. I love coach (James) Patton. He is great. I can tell already that he is going to be a great offensive line coach. All the other coaches, including the assistant offensive line coach, are really cool. Talking to the strength and conditioning coach (Jerry Schmidt) was great and the entire coaching staff is awesome. Then the Oklahoma facilities are amazing. Their weight room and everything is great and that is what I compare all the other schools to."

JH: Are you coming up for Oklahoma's Junior Day this weekend? BH: "No, I can't because my junior and senior prom is that day. So even if I left real early in the morning, it would be to tough for me to go up there and then get back."

JH: Do you know when you are going to try and announce your decision?

BH: "The week after next is spring break for my school, so sometime during spring break I am probably going to figure everything out. I am going to talk everything over with my parents and probably sometime after spring break I will announce my decision."

JH: Do you plan visit Miami?

BH: "That is another thing. I was talking to my dad to see if I could plan on making a trip down to Miami. I am probably going to drive to Florida after I go to Miami, but I haven't decided if I am going to go or not. That is up in the air right now and I don't know what I am going to do about that."

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