Recruiting: Top Oklahoma RB talks recruiting

Lawton, Okla. running back Harrison Jeffers update and profile.


The ability of Harrison Jeffers has been well-known in the state of Oklahoma for some time. Growing up, Jeffers admits he was a pudgy kid who played on the offensive line. But in the seventh-grade, he was moved to running back and ever sense he has been the best player on the field in every game he has played.

Jeffers will be a three-year starter at Ike as he finished with 1,813 yards and 17 touchdowns his junior season. Those totals were better than the 1,111 yards and six touchdowns he rushed for during his breakout sophomore season.

Working out of a pro-style offense, Jeffers has found running run out of the I-formation and one-back sets to his liking. Jeffers still finds it amazing when he hears people say that he is the best player in Oklahoma or the best running back in Oklahoma, and when people talk about him on national basis he is totally blown away.

"I just can't believe it," said Jeffers. "I don't have any idea how I compare to anybody else. I am just trying to be the very best running back that I can be. When I do hear those things it does make me want to work harder."

Jeffers plays with great speed and he carries his pads very well. He is a physical runner, but admits his favorite thing is to use his speed and outrun the defense.

"My goal every time I touch the ball is to run past you," said Jeffers. "Usually, I just run right by people. I have moves that I trust as well, but most of the time I just run past people."

Jeffers has been offered by Texas Tech, SMU and Wyoming, but from his standpoint it is very early in the recruiting process.

"My favorite schools right now would be Texas Tech, OSU, Michigan, Kansas State, Kansas, Wyoming and SMU," said Jeffers. "I like Oklahoma and think they are good, but I am not sure what they think of me. I haven't heard from them very much. If they are interested me they would be among my top schools. If Oklahoma offers me, I would be interested in Oklahoma"

Right now two schools stand out with Jeffers.

"Right now my favorite schools are Texas Tech and OSU," said Jeffers. "Texas Tech has a pro-style offense that I think I could do well in, and OSU is close to home. OSU runs the same type of offense that we run in high school. Then the OU offense is the same offense we ran last year."

For Jeffers, the ability to get on the field early will be a top priority in his decision.

"Playing time is my top priority in choosing a school," said Jeffers. "I also will be looking at style of offense and how many times their running backs carry the ball. It is also important how good the running back coach is and what kind of person he is."

Jeffers has been to Junior Days at Oklahoma, Oklahoma State and he will go to the Texas Tech Junior Day soon. He is still looking to qualify.

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