Recruiting: Sooners bring FB in on Junior Day

Clinton, Okla. fullback Cameron Gladd profile and update.


To find the kind of guy who is tough enough, yet athletic enough to play fullback on the college level is not an easy chore. Many times college coaches will look for a fullback from a different position in high school and then plan on converting him. However, those recruiting Cameron Gladd will not have to do that because he is already playing fullback and he is already being recruited to play fullback.

Gladd is an old fashioned fullback who also happens to play defensive end, linebacker, kicker and punter. He is not just a blocking fullback either as he is actually the main ball carrier in the Clinton offense.

"We run a slanting I-formation and I am the fullback," said Gladd. "I get the ball about 50 percent of the time. I have 1,800 yards rushing in two years and 41 touchdowns. Last year I rushed for 950 yards and 20 touchdowns. Everybody is recruiting me to play fullback in college, but I also hope my kicking comes through and everybody gives that a look. I was 7-for-9 for field goals with a longest of 42 yards. I also average 41-yards per punt. Right now nobody is looking at me as a kicker, but I hope with a good year that somebody will take notice and maybe give me a chance to kick.

Gladd has yet to earn an offer from OU, but the Sooners thought enough of him to ask him to come in for Junior Day.

"I got to meet some of the players," said Gladd. "I saw what they had to go through to be at OU and I liked it. I just knew going in that they work really hard and they try to be the best they can be. That is what I saw when I was up there. I saw a lot of hard work from a lot of different people."

The fullback in the Sooners' offense must be a blocker first and then a pass receiver second, but is a little different from what Gladd is doing at Clinton.

"I like the way that OU uses the fullback," said Gladd. "The only thing is that J.D. Runnels only got the ball four times during his four-year career and I really didn't like that stat. He did catch a lot of passes though. Other would schools give me more of opportunity to carry the ball, but I like to block, which is the main thing the fullback does for OU. Here at Clinton, it is a threat to have two feature running back positions at tailback and fullback. We have a fast tailback here at Clinton. He is mainly the speed and I am the power, but in college you have a tailback who is speed and power and the fullback is a blocker. Plus, in college OU would be real prestigious to go to."

Gladd has not been offered by any school at this point, but he is talking to a number of schools who are considering offering in the future.

"I talk a lot with OU, OSU, Tulsa, SMU, Kansas and Kansas State," said Gladd. "Academics are going to be very important for me. I want to major in pre-med or pre-pharmacy, so I will be looking into academic programs in those areas. OU hasn't really told me anything, but Tulsa is probably showing me the most interest. I am just going to work hard and play my senior year and see what happens."

Gladd can bench 275 pounds, squat 500 and he has posted a 25-inch vertical jump. He has camped at OU since his freshman year and he plans to go back this summer. He also attended summer camp at SMU and Tulsam as well attending to two different kicking camps. On his kickoffs, Gladd boots them into the end zone 98 percent of the time.

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