Recruiting: Lawton athlete has OU ties

Lawton, Okla. athlete Cornelius Douglas update and profile.


The fact that a Cornelius Douglas is coming out of Lawton, Okla. just brings back so many memories to those of us who have lived, covered and watched sports in Oklahoma for a number of years. At one time, the talk of the state was a quarterback out of Lawton named Hootie Douglas, who was destined for stardom at Oklahoma as a wishbone quarterback before breaking his leg in a summer all-star game. Hootie never recovered and was never the player at OU that many knew that he would be. That injury also started a trend among future high school seniors who skipped the summer all-star games because they feared injury.

Now, here comes Cornelius Douglas out of Lawton High. And, yes, Hootie is his uncle. Hootie might have been a tad faster than Cornelius in high school, but Cornelius has more flexibility to his game. The current Douglas plays quarterback, cornerback and safety for the Wolverines. But he is being recruited as a wide receiver/cornerback in college.

"People tell me about my uncle all the time," said Cornelius Douglas. "When I went to the OU camp one of the coaches there told me that he played with my uncle. He said that he was a heck of an athlete. He said it was a shame that he broke his leg, because he said that my uncle could have gone all the way. He could have been an NFL Hall of Fame type player."

Hootie was definitely a quarterback and was recruited to run Barry Switzer's wishbone, but where Cornelius will play in college is not spelled out as clearly.

"I really don't really have a definite position, because I know I am going to play a number of positions," said Douglas. "I am pretty much a team player. If the coach needs me to play another position then I am going to play it. I am proud to be an athlete who can play a number of positions. Right now I play quarterback and on defense I switch off at safety and corner."

Douglas threw for over 1,000 yards and rushed for another 800 yards last season, but he is not into stats. He says he just wants to win and he is proud that so many people like how he plays.

"It makes me feel good that so many people think good things about me," said Douglas. "When I was playing as a sophomore, I looked at Junior (Mossis) Madu and I was watching him play thinking how good he was. Now everybody watches him play at OU and everybody is talking about how good he plays. Now that he is at Oklahoma, he can shine and I am happy for him. I want to be able to shine and when it happens for me then I will feel good about myself. The same goes for Ryan Broyles. It is people like Jr. (Madu) and Ryan who just continue to make outstanding plays to shine, and I just want to shine too. I think I am a player who can make plays and shine as well.

"I pretty much play on instinct. Whatever object you put in front me, I handle it," said Douglas. "I just do whatever it takes to get by a defender or take care of my job. I think that I showed that in our loss to Jenks in the playoffs. We almost beat them. We had them down 19-0 in the first half. I had a 70-yard touchdown in that game called back because of a penalty. We should have won that game. I think, in that game, I showed that I can shine in a big-game environment."

Cornelius has been offered by Kansas State and Oklahoma State, and he just returned from Junior Day at OU.

"It was really exciting to be there," said Douglas. "I got to meet some great coaches. OU has a great coaching staff. The weight room is incredible. Even the players on the team said it was real cool. I know a couple of the players up there. If I go there I am not going to be fresh and not know anybody. I know D.J. Wolfe, Mossis and Ryan Broyles."

Douglas has been to OU, OSU and Kansas State's junior days. He has been invited to Iowa State's as well.

"I don't know what to think about recruiting right now," said Douglas. "I haven't been to Iowa State yet so I am not for sure which school I like the most. I am still considering Kansas State, Oklahoma, Florida and Oklahoma State. Oklahoma has not offered me yet, but they continue to say that will in the future. If that opportunity comes then they could be the right choice. If everything works out there is a good possibility that I could go there. I am not for sure what is going to happen in recruiting."

Douglas says he did not grow up a college football fan, but when he was younger he was really into soccer. In fact, he has gone back out for soccer at Lawton High and in his first game he scored a hat-trick.

Douglas can bench 230 pounds, squat 440 and he has run the 440M (49.0).

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