Recruiting: Ohio LB has Oklahoma ties

Youngstown, Ohio linebacker Michael Zordich update and profile.

Michael Zordich, LB, 6'1, 230, 4.7, YOUNGSTOWN (CARDINAL MOONEY HS), OHIO:

Without question, Michael Zordich is a chip of the old block. Michael is the son of former Penn State and Philadelphia Eagle safety Michael Zordich, and the son is growing up bigger than dad. And with the way things are going he just might one day play as well as dad too, as he has developed into one of the top linebackers in the country.

"It is an honor when anybody thinks you are one of the best players in the country," said Zordich. "That is a big deal when you think about all the talent in the country, and to be ranked among them is really an honor. I believe in myself and feel if I put in the work and if I keep working hard I have the talent to be one of the best linebackers in country and can keep my name among the best in the nation."

Zordich says it has been fun to learn the game of football from his father.

"My dad had helped out a ton," said Zordich. "He has been coaching me since fifth grade when I started playing. He has been around since then just helping me out and telling me what I have to do. He coaches on our high school team, but he is working with the DBs. But he is always telling me things and helping me out and yelling at me when he needs to. He has been a great help, but both my parents have. My mom Cindy and my dad have been a big part of my life."

Zordich plays on one of the most prestigious high school programs in the country and on a defense where four different players have been offered by OU, as well as many of the top programs in the country. Linebacker Brandon Beachum, defensive end Taylor Hill and defensive back Daniel McCarth are teammates that are also considered among the nation's best. Zordich admits it is a lot of fun playing defense on a team that has won two of the last three State Championships.

"It is awesome to play with such great teammates," said Zordich. "Nobody plays a perfect game, but all of us try to. But it is almost impossible too. If you do make a mistake or you do mess up we have three other guys who will have your back and they will make that play for you."

"Playing for Cardinal Mooney is awesome," Zordich continued. "You just have that target on your back. That is just the way it is. Every time you play you know it is going to be a game because we have that target on our backs. When people hear Cardinal Mooney they are gunning for you. They bring it with all they got and we have to come with that high level of play every week and week-in and week-out just give what you got and just play."

Cardinal Mooney doesn't really mess around with stats, but Zordich scored 16 touchdowns on offense and close to 1,000 yards rushing from his fullback position. At linebacker he knows he made well over 100 tackles. Zordich can bench 350 pounds and and squat 500.

Zordich has been offered by Oklahoma, LSU, Ohio State, Penn State, Michigan, Syracuse and Ole Miss.

"Honest to God, I am wide open with my decision," said Zordich. "The process is going pretty good right now in how everything is unfolding. I don't have any favorites right now and I couldn't tell you where I want to go. I am going to have to visit all these schools and see what it is like. I want to see what the people are like and tell how everything is."

Oklahoma offered Zordich early and the interest in mutual between the two parties.

"I love Oklahoma," said Zordich. "I have talked to Coach (Brent) Venables a couple times and they definitely have a great program. and great coaches. But another big thing that a lot of people don't realize is that my high school runs the same exact defense as Oklahoma. I was talking to Coach Venables a couple of days ago and even the calls are the same, as well as the positions, names, blitzes and zones. Everything is the exact same as I am running in high school."

The head coach at Cardinal Mooney is Ron Stoops, the older brother of Bob Stoops, and the Stoops family is obviously famous back in Youngstown. So does the fact he would have a chance to play for another Stoops play any factor in his decision?

"It factors into it, but I am not going to base my decision on just because Coach Stoops is a hometown guy," said Zordich. "However, Coach Stoops is a great coach. I have met him once and I have talked to him on the phone a couple of times and I like what he is all about. He has won a National Championship and he has been in two other National Championship games. He is just a great coach. He gets it done and he does it right too."

Is there a chance that all four Cardinal Mooney defensive stars could wind up playing for Oklahoma?

"There is a wild chance. We have talked about going to the same school," said Zordich. "We all know that we would like to do that, but we are not going to base our decision on what each other wants to do. We have to make a decision that is best for ourself, but if that involves going to the same school that would be great. Actually, it would help us out a ton because we would know some people at the school and we would all still be together. I still think there is still a chance that could happen."

Zordich says right now he thinks he and the others are going to go through the recruiting process.

"I would like to commit early but if I am not 100 percent sure and I don't have that gut instinct that I know for sure that is the school for me, then I won't," said Zordich. "I am not going to rush to make a decision. I could definitely wait until after the season to make a decision, but I would like to get it done before the season starts."

Zordich plans on making two different visits to OU.

"I know I am coming on an unofficial, but I don't know when that is though," said Zordich. "I am coming up with our Coach Stoops, who is coming back to visit his brother. I know we are coming up then, but I don't know when that is. Then I think an official visit is when I will be there too. I think all four of us are coming up unofficially to visit OU with our Coach Stoops."

Zordich has already been to a number of schools that he is interested in and he plans to visit a few more.

"I have been to Michigan and Notre Dame," said Zordich. "I plan on going to Ohio State, Penn State and Oklahoma. LSU would be cool, but they are kind of down South and I don't know if I will be able to get there or not for an unofficial."

Zordich has qualified.

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