Recruiting: OSU commit to visit Norman?

Cincinnati, Ohio wide receiver DaVier Posey profile and update.


You know you are good when you go ahead and commit to a school, yet coaches still call you from coast-to-coast to see if you are still willing to be recruited. That is the case with DaVier Posey, who recently committed to Ohio State. However, Posey plans to continue to talk to other coaches and even take visits to other schools.

"I committed two weeks ago. Right now Ohio State is my place," said Posey. "But you never know what could happen and I am not turning down any coaches who call and come in. So I am still kind of open, but I am still committed. I just don't want to turn down anybody because you never know what is going to happen. I just don't want to be that guy who turns down coaches and gets a bad rep. Like, ‘Oh he is committed.' And then something goes wrong with Ohio State and I have no place to turn because everybody just fell off. So I want to be in contact still with everyone just to make sure what is best for me. As for Ohio State, I know they want me and I am going to make their team better, but I still have to look out for myself."

As a junior Posey, accounted for over 1,300 all-purpose yards and nine touchdowns earning All-Ohio honors. Posey caught 35 passes for 750 yards and he also played quarterback and returned kicks. A big, physical receiver, Posey has the ability to go get the football.

"I think I can do some things with the football," said Posey. "I love going over the middle, but I can run the streak route and catch the deep ball. I can go vertical. I want to work guys in and out and I want to set guys up for the vertical and the comeback route. I have a lot of work to do to get better, but the foundation of my game is there to be a really good receiver."

Despite the fact that Posey is committed to OSU, he still has a number of offers pouring in from other schools and he is still in conversation with a number of different programs.

"I have been offered by Ohio State, Oklahoma, Clemson, Kentucky, Michigan State, Northwestern, Indiana, Virginia and Cincinnati," said Posey. "USC was going to offer before I committed, but since I have committed they have kind of backed up. They didn't offer, but I almost had it. Florida was going to come in as well, but then I committed and they backed up. I might be leaving a school out, but I think I got it."

Posey is originally from California, but moved to Cincinnati in 1994. Thus he doesn't have in local ties to the Buckeyes or anybody else for that matter.

"I didn't watch college ball growing up," said Posey. "I just watched the Bengals (Cincinnati), and that was it. I really didn't watch college, but I did like the Bengals."

So just how interested is he in Oklahoma?

"I always liked Oklahoma," said Posey. "I always have been really interested in Oklahoma, but I never felt like they were going to offer me a scholarship and I was kind of surprised when I talked to Coach (Kevin) Sumlin and they offered. I really like Oklahoma, but they are really kind of far (away). I am going to have to come out there and visit and see if I could live there for three to four years. It is real far and I have to come out there and see if I can make it a home. Right now Ohio State is my home because it is not that far from home, but I really like Oklahoma a lot and want to see them for myself to see if it could work out."

Posey still has a great deal of family in California. He has an uncle who played at Michigan and his brother (Julian Posey) plays safety at Ohio University. With a brother at Ohio University, does DeVier have any desire to play on the same team with his brother?

"I am always going to keep OU in my top five," said Posey. "They have really good people up there and Coach (Frank) Solich is a real nice guy. My brother is there too. It is kind of funny that you call Oklahoma OU because when Coach Sumlin texted me he says he was the coach from OU. Then, I am like Ohio University? I know all the coaches at Ohio University and I haven't met this guy yet. So, he texted me and tells me that there is only one OU. And I tell him, 'Coach, that there are two OU's in my house.'"

Posey can bench 245 pounds, squats 465. He also runs track and starts in basketball. As the starting point guard, he averages six points and eight assist per game. In track, he runs the 100M (10.6), 200M (22.2) and the 400M (49.5).

So what will be the most important to Posey when making his final decision?

"Playing time is very important to me. I want to play as a freshman," said Posey. "The school and its location, and does that school act like it is a family. That is very important to me. I have to feel like I am really wanted at a place and I have to feel like it is a family. Once I leave here, this school is going to set me up for life and they are going to help me once pro football is over. I know that football does not last for life, but I also know that what you do early in life can set you for late in life. So, I just want to see if a school can set me up with a degree because if I blow my knee out then I am just a normal guy. I have to feel like it is a family and that everybody gets a lot of love."

Posey has a 3.3 GPA, but he has yet to take a test score.

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