Top quarterback could decide soon

Artesia, New Mexico quarterback prospect Landry Jones talks in-depth about his upcoming decision between Oklahoma and Colorado.

Landry Jones, QB, 6-5, 215, ARTESIA, NEW MEXICO:

JH: How did spring break go? Did you get to do anything exciting?

LJ: "I went to Colorado for an unofficial visit. I spent Saturday, Sunday and Monday there and after that I went to Oklahoma to visit my cousin in Tulsa. We hung out for a couple of days and then me and him drove down to Dallas with one his friends. We went to Six Flags and hung out down there for a couple of days. We had a real good time."

JH: How did your unofficial to Colorado go?

LJ: "It went really well. I got to watch practice and sit in on a film session with the quarterbacks. It went really well and I had a good time."

JH: What was your take on Colorado a week or so after your visit?

LJ: "I really like that school a lot. It is a nice place and the coaches are great. I love Coach (Dan) Hawkins, so it is a really cool place. I like it."

JH: How many offers do you have at this point?

LJ: "I have 16 to 17. I guess I have a lot."

JH: The last time we talked you said you were going to announce your decision a couple weeks after spring break. Is that still going to be the case?"

LJ: "Yes sir. That still holds true."

JH: What schools do you have your decision down to?

LJ: "Yes, I have it narrowed down to Colorado and Oklahoma."

JH: It is really down to those two schools?

LJ: "Yes sir."

JH: So what are your thoughts on Oklahoma at this time?

LJ: "Oklahoma is a really great school and they have a bunch of really great athletes. Their coaches are great. I like Oklahoma a lot.

JH: What is it about Oklahoma that you have appeared to like for a long time?

LJ: "I like how they are always competing for a National Championship year in and year out. Oklahoma is always going to compete and have a chance for the National Championship."

JH: There are a lot of differences between Oklahoma and Colorado, wouldn't you say. What are the differences between the two schools?

LJ: "You know, there are some similarities — both coaching staffs have a lot of good morals. They are really all down to earth guys. Their offenses are a little different, but every school is. There are a lot of good things and a lot of negative things about each school too."

JH: Let's go over the parameters that you will use to decide between Oklahoma and Colorado? Name the key points that you will be evaluating?

LJ: "How early will I get to play, and how well do I get along with the coaches? How good of a chance will they have to compete for a National Championship when I am there?

JH: When you say early playing time, what do you mean?

LJ: "I want to play as a freshman or redshirt freshman, or at least by my sophomore year. The latest that I don't want to play is my sophomore or redshirt sophomore year."

JH: Who is going to be involved in your decision-making process?

LJ: "I am going to talk to my parents and my coach. Ultimately, they want it to be my decision and they want me to be comfortable with which place that I go."

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