Recruiting: Another visit to OU for Shugarts?

Klein, Texas offensive lineman J.B. Shugarts talks about his interest in Oklahoma.

J.B. Shugarts, OL, 6'7, 306, 5.1, KLEIN, TEXAS:

JH: You seem to be having a great time with the recruiting process and working it your best advantage. What do you think about the process and how you are adapting to it?

JB: "I have enjoyed it somewhat. I enjoy meeting all the coaches, and talking to all the coaches. I enjoy that the most about recruiting."

JH: You have so many offers now. How does it feel when you have so many great coaches telling you that they want you on their team?

JB: "It feels really good. I just feel really lucky and really blessed. I thank God every day for the all the gifts he has given me in life. I try to strive to do the best in everything that I do."

JH: How many Junior Days have you been to?

JB: "When I was a sophomore I went to two. I went Texas A&M and LSU, and then I went to the Texas . So I went to three. This year I have just gone to Oklahoma, but I went to an unofficial visit down to LSU because I couldn't make their Junior Day. I am going up to Ohio State for their spring game and then I am going to Oklahoma for their spring game."

JH: How many schools have offered you at this time?

JB: "I think it is about 30."

JH: Does it blow you away how many different schools have offered you a scholarship?

JB: "Yeah, my dad is the one that tells me because he opens all my mail and stuff. He will tell me and it is always so awesome. I try to call all the schools that offer me, but sometimes when we get an offer letter in the mail and we have never talked to a coach from there, we don't call them because we don't know anybody there."

JH: Despite having a number of offers, do you have a top five or six?

JB: "I have a top six. I have OU, LSU, Ohio State, Texas A&M, Michigan and Florida."

JH: What are your thoughts on Oklahoma at this time?

JB: "I like Oklahoma a lot. I have been in contact with OU because I was being recruited by Coach (Kevin) Wilson when I was a sophomore. I used to call him and talk to him then. I also talked to Coach (Bob) Stoops my sophomore year. Then this year I went for an unofficial this past summer and I met Coach (James) Patton. He is a great guy and I like him a lot. He is really a nice coach. I have been calling him and Coach Stoops. I call them a lot and just talk to them about football and ask how they are doing."

JH: Do you like what OU is doing in their offensive line and the success they seem to be having in the offensive line?

JB: "Yes, they are doing a great job in their offensive line. They have to rely a lot on their offensive line just because of losing their quarterback and they had to concentrate more on the running game this year."

JH: Are you and Sam McGuffie (Cypress Cy-Fair running back) still looking to go to the same school?

JB: "Yeah, somewhat. It would be nice to go to the same school because we are really good friends. But he is going to go where it feels right for him and I am going to go where it feels right for me. If it ends up being in the same place, then that will be awesome."

JH: What do you think about the recruiting class that Oklahoma is putting together so far?

JB: "It could be one of the best recruiting classes of all time."

JH: What are the key intangibles that you and your family are looking for in a school?

JB: "The first thing is going to a place that feels like home. I want to go to a school that I really feel comfortable with. Second, great coaching, which Oklahoma has in Coach Stoops and his staff. Coach Stoops is already one of the greatest coaches of all time. Third, for me to come in and have a chance to help the team as soon as possible. And I want to go to a school that contends for a National Championship every year. All the schools are good in academics so that takes care of itself."

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