Recruiting: Texas DE a hot commodity

Weatherford, Texas defensive end Kapron Lewis-Moore profile and update.


Any defense that has a great defensive end can put tremendous pressure on an offense. If a defense has that force coming off the edge that they can get the upper hand on the opposing offense, and that is why Kapron Lewis-Moore is getting so much national attention.

Lewis-Moore is a ball of fire at the line of scrimmage who always draws at least two blockers as the running back or tight end always try's to lend a hand in stopping him. That doesn't work very often as Lewis-Moore finished with 50 tackles, six sacks, 16 quarterback pressures, three pass deflections, two forced fumbles and one forced fumble last season.

The fact that he is always in the backfield chasing a scrambling quarterback has made Lewis-Moore on of the elite defensive ends in Texas.

"At first, it was kind of surprising and everything when I started to read my name or hear about it so much," said Lewis-Moore. "Now, I have kind of gotten used to it and I am not so uptight about it any more. I am just relaxed and trying to have a little fun with it, because you only get to experience this once. I am just trying to make the best of it."

When his junior year ended Lewis-Moore didn't expect to get any kind of national publicity, but then he started to see his name on some recruiting lists, started getting scholarship offers and started to talk to the media. He admits that all this recruiting stuff can be a little mind-boggling.

"It really is," said Lewis-Moore. "When I hear some of this stuff and I say to myself, 'I don't think so.' So I just go along with it. I am pretty surprised and I do feel kind of astonished, but it is a pleasure and an honor to be mentioned among the best players in the state of Texas. I believe we have a lot of great athletes in Texas so to be mentioned as one of the best is quite an honor."

What is it that makes Lewis-Moore so good?

"Getting into the backfield and my pass rushing ability is what I do best," said Lewis-Moore. "I think I can pursue to the ball very well. I am kind of a speed rusher, I get into the backfield as fast as I can. I am not really overpowering, but I am creative and I use my quickness to my advantage."

Lewis-Moore benches 225 pounds, squats 415 and he power-cleans 285. He made the varsity basketball team his freshman year and has been a two-year starter earning all-district honors all three years. He also earned all-academic honors all three years. This past season, Lewis-Moore averaged 14 points and 12 rebounds. He also throws the shot (51) and discus (125) in track.

Lewis-Moore says 13 schools have offered him at this point. As of today, he holds offers Texas A&M, OU, Wisconsin, Virginia, Baylor, Notre Dame, Texas Tech, Minnesota, Duke, Nebraska, Michigan, SMU and Illinois.

"I haven't narrowed my choices down, and I don't have any favorites at this point," said Lewis-Moore. "It is still early in the process, so right now I am interested in all the schools. I really don't have a No. 1 pick or No. 2 pick right now. I am just staying open right now and dealing with all the schools that offer me."

So what does Lewis-Moore think of Oklahoma?

"I do have an interest in OU," said Lewis-Moore. "I talk to Coach (Cale) Gundy all the time and I have gotten to know him a little bit. I think he is a pretty good guy. I have also talked to Coach (Chris) Wilson a little bit. I think they are a good program up there and they are improving all the time. I think they have a pretty solid defense, but as they told me they are losing a lot of defensive ends this year or over the past couple of years. That is one place where I could compete early for a starting job. I think I will visit OU, but I don't know if it will be officially or unofficially. It may be both I guess."

Despite keeping his options open, Lewis-Moore does have an idea what he is going to be looking for in a college.

"First of all, my mom is a school teacher so I have to get a good education wherever I go," said Lewis-Moore. "That is kind of a given. Second, it will come down to how I feel about that environment. I am the type of guy that likes to have fun, but you still have to get your job done. You still have to work hard and everything, but I like to joke around and stuff. I like to have fun with everything, so I think how the coaches react and how they treat the players more than just as a player is important. I want to see if they treat us as human beings, because that really matters to me a lot."

Lewis-Moore has only attended one Junior Day, and that was at Texas A&M. He doesn't plan to attend any spring practices, but he did attend Stanford's summer camp. He has his core GPA, but he has not taken the SAT or ACT at this time.

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