Hoops Recruiting: OU in the hunt for juco?

The latest on Redlands Junior College Forward Rodney Alexander.


JH: How did your season finish up?

RA: "We were 32-1 or something like that. We finished second in the nationals losing to Seminole."

JH: What kind of tournament did you have individually?

RA: "I guess not good enough because we lost. I thought I did cool, but I I could have done some stuff that could have helped us win. I don't even know what my stats were. I was playing to win and not worried about my stats."

JH: What is going on in recruiting?

RA: "I have visited Butler and St. Louis in the early period, and then I visited Illinois last weekend. I have Indiana this upcoming weekend and then Tennessee the week after."

JH: Have you ruled out Oklahoma and Oklahoma State ?

RA: "Yeah, but no. It is like, I don't really know. I would like a little bit of time to get my mind together. Those two schools are right down the street so if I want to visit I can just drive down the street."

JH: What are your thoughts on Oklahoma right now?

RA: "I like them, but it is hard to say I guess. I like them and I like the coaches a lot. It is hard to say. I really don't know right now."

JH: What did you think about your visit to Illinois?

RA: "I liked it, I liked it a lot."

JH: What was it that you liked the most?

RA: "I like the Coach (Bruce Webber). I like the players a lot."

JH: Are you looking to play your D-1 basketball closer to home (Michigan)?

RA: "That would be nice, but I live so far away from home right now it doesn't really matter."

JH: Do you have a leader in recruiting right now?

RA: "No, I don't have a leader."

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