Recruiting: New Jersey receiver in Norman

Metuchen, N.J. receiver DeJuan Miller talks about his visit to Norman, interest in Oklahoma and family ties in the Sooner state.


JH: You are currently on an unofficial visit to OU and also visiting family in Oklahoma. So how is that going?

DM: "Everything has been going well. Both families are excited about me visiting OU and visiting the college. OU is a school that I have always dreamed of playing for and I have been a fan for many years. I have always dreamed of putting on that crimson and cream and I have a good chance to be playing in front of 80-thousand fans in Norman ."

JH: Are you close to committing to OU?

DM: "I don't really know yet. I still want to see how things go and you never know what could happen. I just want to see what my options are and I just don't want to rush anything yet. I just want to wait out things and talk to my parents get their input on it. If push comes to shove, then I have wished all my life to go to Oklahoma ."

JH: You seem to be close to your family that lives in Oklahoma?

DM: "Yeah, my family is really close and I don't want to let them down or anything. They all want me to succeed and go from being a one-time superstar to a guy who is just fighting to play anywhere in college. I will take my family in consideration with any decision that I make when I pick my college."

JH: What has been your take on OU so far? This is the first time you have really had a chance to look around Norman isn't it?

DM: "Yeah, when I looked around the campus before last year I was thinking then, 'I wonder if they (OU) would even look at me.' OU decided to offer me about a month ago and now I am looking at the campus with more on the line. The campus is really nice and I like it a lot. The best part of about it is that the Gaylord Hall is brand new and state-of-the-art. I like all the academic stuff as well as Owen Field and the football stadium. That is probably what I like about OU the most — just how nice everything is and how everything is in one area. You don't have to drive far. Everything is real convenient."

JH: You have had lunch with Bob Stoops, so what has been your take on Coach Stoops?

DM: "He is a real business-type guy. He is no-nonsense type of guy, but of course Coach Stoops is a real cool guy. He is not a real stern guy, but always relaxed. He jokes around, but when it is time to go to work he is focused on football. He is a real serious guy when it comes to football, and all he does is win. He wins year-in and year-out. Nobody has more wins than him since 2000. When you talk about Coach Stoops, he is probably going to go into the College Football Hall of Fame. And for a coach like him to sit down and tell me that he really wants me in his program, that is definitely an honor that a coach of his caliber would tell me that."

JH: Coach (Kevin) Sumlin has been recruiting you and now you have had a chance to meet him and see him work. What are your thoughts on Coach Sumlin?

DM: "Coach Sumlin is a real laid back guy. He doesn't yell at his players at his practice and he really likes to focus on technique. I like Coach Sumlin a lot as a wide receiver coach. He may seem a little too nice, but at practice he is talking to the wide receivers a lot and he can get after them pretty good. Coach Sumlin is a really good coach."

JH: What do you think about the facilities at OU?

DM: "The facilities are great. They have a top-notch weight room and their strength and conditioning program is very good. The training center is very good too. Everything is very, very good and top of the line. It doesn't look old or rusty. They keep everything at OU in top shape as far as facilities and things like that."

JH: You had the chance to watch an OU practice, so what was your impression?

DM: "I went to Penn State and saw two of their practices. I actually went up there and saw their first two practices of the spring. I have also gone to Rutgers a couple of times. To compare OU to them, the speed at the OU practice or among the OU team is better. I know Penn State plays in the Big 10 and Rutgers in the Big East, but OU just has that team speed. I think it is lot different in the South, because everything is a little faster down here and they move so quick. At their practice, they hit hard in full pads and they are going all-out on everything. Today, they had a little mini-scrimmage and they went four or five series and they were going hard at it. They weren't playing around, it wasn't a joke out there. They are intense when they practice."

JH: How would you say recruiting is shaping up at this time?

DM: "I would say that OU is No. 1 at this point. OU is definitely No. 1. I am not counting Penn State at all because they are so close to New Jersey . OU is No.1 I think because of the school, tradition and prestige of the program. Then my family in Oklahoma really wants me to play there. Rutgers is still in the mix too. Those two schools each have a chance and nobody is ruled out, but I think OU has the edge over those two schools right now."

JH: Are you looking to make a decision soon or do you plan to go through the recruiting process?

DM: "I am definitely going to make my decision on signing day of next year. I am going to go through the recruiting process. Things are going to get really hectic because it is going to be my senior year in basketball, and I am close to getting 1,000 points. Then you add this whole college thing and I am trying to make my decision actually during basketball season. At that point, it is going to be really hectic for me. From May on, it is going to be really hectic on me. I am going to hear from a number of coaches who are going to try to persuade me to go to their schools. I am going to have a good time soaking it in, but I am prepared not for the worst and for the bombardment from all the coaches who will now be able to call me. Now, they can come up to my school. I am definitely prepared for it, but it is definitely going to get crazy."

JH: Have you thought about committing early and putting all that behind you?

DM: "I am not going to commit early. I think I am just going to wait it out."

JH: How is track season going?

DM: "Track season is going well. Last year, I was second in the state in the 200M (22.0) and I was second in the sectionals in the both the 100M and 200M. It is my goal to improve on those totals. I am a lot faster and a lot stronger than last year when I was at 197. I just feel that I can have a big year in track. I think I can get under 50 in the 400M. I am just setting goals and trying to better myself and I think I will do that this year."

JH: Are you going to the Red/White Spring Game on Saturday?

DM: "Yes, my whole family will be there."

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