All eyes on the quarterbacks

Offensive Coordinator Kevin Wilson talks about the state of the quarterbacks heading into Saturday's spring game. Redshirt freshman Sam Bradford (pictured) and the Sooners will play the annual Red/White game Saturday at 1 p.m. (CST). The game will be nationally televised on ESPN. (Photo/

On the Spring game's impact on finding a starting quarterback

Wilson: "To me, the way they've all practiced they've all kinda had their moments of good and their moments of bad. I would be surprised if by Saturday one guy went, 'Wow.' One guy might statistically look a little better, but to me play calls sometimes make them look better based on the rhythm and situations, and not knowing what Brent's doing sometimes things get in sync.

"When you're rotating and not going every time, sometimes by the luck of the draw the cards get dealt against you and maybe it wasn't his fault his group didn't score or his completion percentage wasn't as strong. So I'm not going to put a great deal of stock (in Saturday's spring game). It would just be nice if when they're on their own can they kind of manage it.

"We've tried to practice that way the last couple of days where we as coaches have backed away and said, 'Y'all have got to start playing.' I made a comment the other day when I thought some things were sloppy. Much like Phil Mickelson, they sometimes just have to play through it. Now just get on through it and there's some good coming."

On if the quarterbacks performed well after the coaches backed off

Wilson: "Yeah, but we've seen some bad. At this point and time being a coach is like being a parent — you've got to quit holding their hand and you've got to say, 'You've got to go, you're going to be alright. It's OK to make a mistake. We'll learn from that.'

"That's kind of where we're at now. Again, I don't see forsee anything immiment quickly happening (Saturday). I think they're all doing good and it's going to be fun. I don't see one guy playing a lot better or a lot worse Saturday. I might be surprised that maybe all three play great or all three not play great. I don't have a feel that this guy's going to look really good and this guy's not. To me, we're just playing. Like I said before, we've got to keep playing through things.

"The neat thing about Saturday though is being on TV, which for us is kinda good and kinda bad. It's exciting, it's exposure, but how much do you want to sit here and do because we've got non (conference) opponent people early (watching to see) if there's things that you're changing etc. Sometimes in these games it's best to bland it up and just play hard.

"We haven't talked much about what we're going to do Saturday, but I don't see that there's a need to come out and look good as much as a need to come out and play hard. It's going to be the 13th spring practice and there's a long time to play. We've got two more this spring, the summer and preseason so it would just be nice to be in a positive place for the 13th day of spring."

On how the quarterbacks will be rotated

Wilson: "I don't know how Josh (Heupel) is going to do it. Typically, the two older guys are getting 1's and 2's and 1's and 2's, and then when Keith (Nichol) comes in the guy with the 2's goes with the 1's next. I think that's what he's been doing. Just because one guy goes first that doesn't mean that he's done better the day before practice or he's done better over the long haul.

On freshman Keith Nichol's progress

Wilson: "I think Keith's doing really good and physically doing a lot of things, but just getting him comfortable he's not as up to speed with as many things as Joey and Sam can handle.

"Keith has great football savvy, but it's not fair to him in this short time. He doesn't have as much on his plate today. That will expand significantly through the months to come."

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