Nord says OU 'D' may be the best he'll ever face

UTEP Head Coach Gary Nord talked about this weekend's matchup with OU at this weekly press conference

UTEP Head Coach Gary Nord talked about Oklahoma during his weekly press conference Tuesday. Nord's Miner's lost to Kentucky last Saturday 77-17.

On Oklahoma's Defense
Oklahoma's defense may be the best defense I've ever faced, with the overall speed and strength that they have. It's scary. They have a better defense than they did when they won the national championship. It's going to be a very difficult challenge for us. We'll try to use some misdirection and keep them off balance. We're going to have to get our draws and traps going and try to protect the quarterback with the backs in the backfield.

On going to back to Norman, where he coached under Howard Schnellenger as OU's Offensive Coordinator for one year
Two years ago [at Oklahoma] was my first game as a head coach, and there had been a tough departure from Norman with the staff I was on. I'm way beyond that, and I'm looking forward to going back and taking our team in there and seeing how we react after how we played on Saturday. I'm looking forward to seeing how we do against a top-notch football program.

On his one-year stint in Norman
I don't know that they ever disliked me in Oklahoma. The way it went with our head coach [Schnellenberger] and the president was not pretty. But I have a lot of friends in Norman who I stay in touch with. I made a joke that got blown out of proportion, but 90 percent of the people knew it was a joke and they laughed about it. The 10 percent are the ones who made all the commotion, and one of them was the president.

On OU quarterback Nate Hybl
I don't think there's any difference between facing Nate Hybl or Jason White. They're both experienced, productive quarterbacks, and they have so much talent around them. With that kind of talent, it gives them a lot more room for error at the quarterback position.

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