RECRUITING: Talented duo set to visit Norman

Ohio PG Andrew Lavender says it's down to OU and one other school for him and his teammate


JH: You and your teammate Brandon Foust are visiting OU this weekend, are you looking forward to it?

AL: I am excited about it right now. Brandon and I can't wait to get there and see what OU is really all about. We want to just hang out with the guys, talk with the coaches and see what life is like for the players at OU. We want to get a feel for what the program is really all about.

JH: This isn't your first official visit is it?

AL: We went to Pittsburg two weeks ago. It was real nice and we had a chance to hang out with Brevin Knight. who was visiting his brother, Brandon, who plays on the team. Plus, there were a couple of guys from the Philadelphia 76ers hanging around and we had a real solid time.

JH: What are thoughts on Oklahoma as you get set to visit?

AL: Brandon and I talk about Oklahoma a lot. We want to go to the same school together and Oklahoma would be a good fit for that. We've won a lot of games at our high school and we want to go to a program that is winning. We really like Oklahoma's style of play and the way they get after it on both sides of the ball.

JH: What do you feel about your possible playing situation at OU?

AL: They have Blake Johnston and they have a commitment from Lawrence McKenzie, who is a combo guard. So potentially, if I signed with OU that would be three point guards and I guess we would have to battle it out to see who the best man is.

JH: What kind of chance do the Sooners really have this weekend?

AL: Our decision has really come down to OU and Pittsburgh. Brandon and I have talked and we have decided that if we have a lot better time at OU, or really just as good a time at OU, then it is pretty much locked up for OU.

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