Recruiting: Good likes what he sees

Paris, Texas offensive lineman Stephen Good talks about his experience at OU's Red/White Game.

Stephen Good, OL, 6-4, 290, Paris, Texas:

JH: What was your impression of the Red/White game and the day you spent in Norman?

SG: "To tell you the truth, I loved it. Everything went well, and the offensive really did a good job. They switched out quarterbacks a lot during the game, but it didn't seem to bother the pace of the game because they came out and did a real good job. They ended up beating the defense by a lot at the end of the game. OU has a great defense."

JH: Did you pay attention how that offensive line was blocking?

SG: "Yeah, I know their big guy, No. 79, was out (broken toe). I wasn't sure what was wrong with him. So they played No. 71 (Trent Williams) and No. 70 (Cory Brandon) over there and both of them did a pretty good job. I was watching them and they only gave up one sack."

JH: Since you are an outstanding football player in your own right, can you go and just watch a football game as a fan or do you always find yourself studying the game as it plays out?

SG: "If I watch the game on TV I can really watch it. If somebody mentions to me to watch how this tackle plays or something then I can really, really concentrate and get into the game. If I am just there watching the game and I am not really interested in it, I can just watch it and have fun. Now, when I go and watch OU and everything I study the offensive line. I try to look at every little detail that I can."

JH: How cool was it to hang around some of the other committed players?

SG: "It was a lot of fun. Ben Habern and I are becoming good friends. I hung around J.B. Shugarts and Justin Johnson. One recruit that I had not met until Saturday was Britt Mitchell. He is pretty cool. He is a big 'ole country guy. Then Jason Hannan was there from the '07 class. I met the quarterback from New Mexico (Landry Jones). So, I got to speak to all of them and that was pretty cool. It was great to meet the quarterback in the class, because I like to get to know the people I am going to be blocking for hopefully."

JH: Are you guys working on J.B. a lot?

SG: "Yeah, of course. We figure with him, along with the guys who have already committed in the offensive line, we could have the best offensive line class in the country. If we don't get him that is OK, but everybody in our class and on the current team really want him."

JH: How is your off-season going?

SG: "It is going very well. We are starting spring football and we are going through some drills. We put the pads on in about a week. If we go through spring football, then we only have to go through one week of two-a-days. If we don't go through spring football, then we have two weeks of two-a-days and that is very hard. So I am glad we have spring football. This is our first year to do spring football and it is going to last about a month. At the end of the spring, we are going to have a big scrimmage and all our fans can attend."

JH: How are you doing in the weight room?

SG: "I recently got 475 on the bench, which broke our school record. I also got a 600 squat."

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