Recruiting: Jones meets future teammates

Artesia, N.M. quarterback Landry Jones talks about his experience at the Red/White game in Norman.


JH: I have talked to Jameel Owens, Justin Johnson, Ben Habern and others who were at the Red/White game, and they were all talking about getting to meet the new OU quarterback, Landry Jones. What do you think about your sudden popularity?

LJ: "It was a lot of fun to meet all those guys up where this past weekend. I got to know them a little bit and I had a great time."

JH: Do you already feel like you are a leader of the team?

LJ: "Yeah, a little bit."

JH: Jameel Owens said some great things about you. Did you get to know him a little bit?

LJ: "Yeah, I was trying to convince him to go to OU next year so that we could hook up on the field and throw and catch some passes. I got his phone number and hope to stay him touch with him. Hopefully he will come to OU."

JH: Did you pay attention to how the quarterbacks at OU played?

LJ: "I thought all the quarterbacks played well. I think Sam (Bradford) did a really good job. I also thought Joey (Halzle) and Keith (Nichol) played well."

JH: Can you just watch a game for fun or do you find yourself analyzing the game technically when watching the quarterbacks?

LJ: "I can just watch the game. At first, I was paying more attention to the quarterbacks but it didn't take long until I was just watching the game for fun."

JH: What did you think of the atmosphere surrounding the game around the football program?

LJ: "I had a great time. We got a tour of the place again. We kind of just hung out and talked about life. I had a great time."

JH: Do you get to spend any time with the current players and coaches?

LJ: "I didn't after the game, but before the game I got a chance to go into a quarterback meeting with Coach (Josh) Heupel. I got to hang out with the quarterbacks a little bit."

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