Recruiting: Mitchell likes OU's class

Roscoe, Texas OL and OU commit Britt Mitchell talks about his trip to Norman.


JH: What did you think of the Red/White game and the fact you were there with some of your fellow OU commits?

BM: "It was a great. I got to know the new commits. I was hanging out with Ben Habern, Stephen Good, Justin Johnson, and I got to talk to J.B. Shugarts. I was just hanging out with the commits and talking about when we were going to come up for our official visit."

JH: Was that the first time you have had a chance to meet those guys?

BM: "I met Landry (Jones) before when I came up for Junior Day. I haven't met the other commits."

JH: Many of those guys that I have talked to who met you for the first time commented on how big you were. How does that make you feel that your size is even big to them?

BM: "I am 6-foot-8 and 310 pounds. When I went up to shake Justin Johnson's hand I thought I broke his hand. The way we have been raised up out here is for us to look a man in the eye and then shake his hand hard and firm. I guess he wasn't expecting that. I thought that was pretty funny that he wasn't expecting that kind of hand shake."

JH: How did it feel to be a commit at OU instead of just a recruit?

BM: "They treat you so nice at OU. I am talking about the people that work at OU. They are real genuine about their players, even if they are not the highly recruited players. You know, like the national 100 guys or 150 guys. I am just a regular old recruit. They still treat you the same because you have committed, and they know you are here to try to help their team out."

JH: What do you think of the class that you are a part of?

BM: "Oh my God, it is monstrous. It is going to be a great class. I think this class can win a championship."

JH: Did you do any recruiting on those who had not committed at this point?

BM: "I wasn't' there to try to recruit anybody. I would say, 'Man, we really need you,' as I was talking to J.B. or Arthur (Brown), but I really wasn't there to try to recruit them. I wasn't trying to wear their ear out and try to recruit them. They were there to see a game and have some fun, so I was just hanging out with them and telling them about 1-A football in Texas. I was telling them how small we are and how big they were. I was just getting to know the guys."

JH: How is your off-season program going?

BM: "It is going well. We are doing regular workouts and we started some football drills today. I don't get to do that much because I am going to have knee surgery soon. But I have been doing some pass blocking drills. I did pretty well in those drills my coach told me."

JH: What are you having surgery on?

BM: "I am going to have my knee scoped. I tore my meniscus in my knee, so I am going to get it scoped and fixed before football season starts. I should be back to doing squats in July."

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