Recruiting: Another A&M commit looking at OU

Houston, Texas defensive end Damian Square profile and update.


The first thing you notice about Damian Square when watching him on film is just how athletic he is. Then you notice that he always seems to be in the right spot at the right time on defense, as he seems to know what the offense is going to do as they walk up to the line of scrimmage. On top that, Damien has the belief that he is the best player on the field every time he takes the field, and then he goes out to back up that thinking. Considering how athletic Square is, backing up that thought isn't difficult as he is more often than not the best player on the field.

Square landed on the Top 20 Texas map and on the national scene after finishing with 87 tackles and 16 sacks as a junior. Throw in eight caused fumbles and three fumble recoveries, and Square is definitely a playmaker on the defensive side of the ball.

It also wasn't too long ago that he was a playmaker on the offensive side of the ball when he saw time as a quarterback his freshman year.

"Until Coach McKinney came I always played quarterback," said Square. "When he showed up, he told me that he believed that I would be better at tight end. But we had a senior at tight end already so he told me that he really needed me to play defensive end. We had two good quarterbacks back during my sophomore year, but I was still the back-up quarterback. In my sophomore year, they moved me to defensive end and ever since then defensive end has become my position. This is where I am going to make my money. I am not moving."

Square knows he is ranked very high in Texas and on a national level, and that kind of talk is what continues to motivate him to become a better player.

"When people say good things about me or write good things about me it makes me feel outstanding," said Square. "Before my coaches came I was just a guy who could run, but my coaches made me who I am today. Even though I disagree with them sometimes, they are the reason I am a better football player and person. I honestly believe if you take the attitude of your coach you will be a better person.

"My head coach is Coach Clarence McKinney. I have both a defensive end coach and a defensive line coach. My defensive line coach is Jeff Ceasar and defensive end coach is David Phillips. So when I hear good things about my ability I give them all the credit, but to be honest I don't think I deserve that kind of talk. I strive harder every day to get better. I want to be the best in the nation."

Square is a good athlete, but what also gives him an edge is that he has played the most important position on the offensive side of the ball.

"What makes me so good is that I have played offense all my life," said Square. "Just knowing what all the motions are about and the cadence of the quarterback and what he is trying to do, I just pick it up and it gives me a great jump on the ball. I study film to a tee. I watch my man and I watch his reactions, and by gametime I pretty much know what he is going to do. I can figure out plays out of film study. I watch the tackle and tight end and how they block in the ground game, and then I try to pick up things on the offensive tackle and how he is pass blocking. My strength is the fact that I played offense. That has helped me a lot."

Square attended the Miami and Oklahoma State camps last summer and he says he has been to too many combines to count. Square can bench 320 pounds, squats 475 and he has posted a 32-inch vertical jump.

He has been offered by Texas A&M, Texas, Oklahoma, Alabama, Miami, Utah, Baylor, Texas Tech and Iowa. He committed to Texas A&M early, but at this point you can't count that as a solid commitment.

"Yes, I did commit to Texas A&M. But I have been looking and searching around," said Square. "I have been talking to Coach (Kevin) Sumlin from OU and I recently got to talk to Coach (Chris) Wilson from OU. Coach Wilson said he liked me and that he had big plans for me if I went to Oklahoma. OU has proven that they are big-time and Miami has proven that they are big-time. So has Alabama.

"When you get offers from schools like Oklahoma, Miami and Alabama I don't care what type of player you are — you have no choice but to look into those offers. Only a fool would pass up opportunities like that. You have to look into it and see what the best fit for you is, and that is the only way that I know to find out who is the best fit for me."

At this point, Square says he plans to go through the recruiting process.

"Right now I would say that I am a soft commitment to Texas A&M," said Square. "I plan on taking visits and I hope to make a decision by the end of November."

Square, who doesn't play any other sports so he can only concentrate on football, will qualify.

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