Brown: Sooners impress Brown ... again

Wichita, Kan. linebacker Arthur Brown talks in-depth about his experience at Oklahoma's Red-White game. Brown is currenlty rated as the top linebacker in the nation and the 12th-best player overall by ESPN/Scouts Inc.

JH: You and your brother Bryce attended Oklahoma's Red/White game last weekend. What was your take on the visit and the game?

AB:"I had an amazing time at the Red/White game. The game was very intense and there was a lot of fan support for that game. I got to talk to Coach (Brent) Venables and Coach Bob Stoops, and we went a little more in-depth on how I could contribute to the program. I had a great time in every way possible."

JH: Can you share with us that Coach Venables and Coach Stoops talked to you about?

AB: "Basically, what Coach Venables was saying that they have a crisis with their linebacker depth chart as of now. He was saying that seeing how I was graduating early this year, I could get ready and have an edge over everybody else. He said I could learn the terminology, the basics in all aspects of the game and how they teach those basics. That is basically what he got into and Coach Stoops said many similar things."

JH: What do you think about Coach Stoops and Coach Venables?

AB: "They are both great and honest guys, and that is always a good thing. They are very down to earth people also. I have always had a great relationship with Coach Venables since last year when I met him at the OU camp. He has always been a great guy, always told the truth, and he has always been real. That is always a good thing. I am just recently getting to know and talk to Bob Stoops. I am just now really getting to know him. He seems like a very cool guy."

JH: What did you think of the play of the linebackers and defense during the game?

AB: "The defense has a lot of young guys, but they have experience as well. The defense is quick. You can see that as you watch the game live or on tape. They have a quick defense that can react and get to the ball."

JH: What did you think of the linebacker play? And how do you feel your talents fit into the way OU's linebackers play?

AB: "At my high school I play in various types of defenses. We play 3-4, 4-3 and things of that nature. So, they do play some of the defenses that I am playing now. Actually, I do see myself fitting into a defense such as theirs because it allows me as a linebacker to run free and not have to deal with the offensive linemen."

JH: I saw men and women walking around with T-shirts with your picture on those t-shirts. What do you think about that?

AB: "I actually didn't see any of it. My brother told me about it. My brother actually saw it. It is an honor always to be recognized for something good. That is always going to make you feel good and it is going to give you a good feeling inside. It is always good to have that kind of fan support, because you know they are always going to be there for you. That kind of gives you and edge or a gives you a push on what you can do."

JH: Overall, did you have a good time and were you impressed with your visit?

AB: "Absolutely, I had a great time. I always have a great time when I go to OU. It is great to talk to Coach Venables and to say updated about the program."

JH: What did your brother, Bryce (a top junior sophomore back), think about the visit?

AB: "It was the same as I did. He enjoyed the visit. He always has a good time when he goes down there. Basically, what he is doing right now is analyzing the recruiting process as I am going through the process now. He is really getting to experience this twice and he enjoys it a lot. He is just sitting back and analyzing it all, taking it all in and enjoying it right now. He is just having fun with it right now."

JH: How heavily are you being recruited at this point?

AB: "The recruiting is really just starting to pick up. I have actually been contacting coaches a little more than I was and they have been contacting Bryan Butler (family friend), and he has been little me know that I can contact them. So recruiting is really picking up a little bit more and I can tell it is really going to pick up when they are going to be able to call me. It is exciting, but sometimes it can be a stressful thing, especially when you have a lot of other priorities like homework and continuing to workout. Basically, just keeping up becomes more difficult when you add recruiting to everything."

JH: What schools have offered you at this point?

AB: "All schools are still an option at this point. I am not going to start eliminating schools until this summer when I start this process of elimination. I am just taking this time to analyze and to see what I really want to do. I am actually going to try to take a lot of unofficial visits so we can get a better understanding about the school. That should give as a better feeling about the schools. I have been offered by quite a few schools. We have Oklahoma, Kansas, Kansas State, Iowa, Iowa State, Georgia , Georgia Tech, Florida, Florida State, Rutgers, Miami, Michigan, Notre Dame, USC, UCLA, Louisville, Alabama, Tennessee and Arkansas. There are others, but I would say 30 schools have offered at this point.

JH: What are your thoughts on Oklahoma at this point?

AB: "As of now, truthfully, I feel Oklahoma has taken a big step within my opinion and what I think of them. I really like Oklahoma and I like their coaches a lot. I really feel I can cope with the coaches and really develop a great relationship with them. I feel they will help me out with football and later on in life. I also think the fan support is great, and it is always there. What I am going to judge my decision on is the comfort level at the school and that is pretty high with OU right now, which is a good thing."

JH: Last time we talked you said being comfortable was the most impost characteristic that you were looking for in recruiting. But has this aspect of your recruiting process expanded somewhat now that you have been on the recruiting trail a little bit?

AB: "Being comfortable and how I feel about the program is going to be the major factor in whether I sign with the school. Also, what other players are brought in with my class at that school will be important. As a great player, you always want to be surrounded by other great athletes with the same goal and desires in mind to be great and succeed. That will be a big factor in my decision. I also want to go to a school with great defensive linemen, because great defensive linemen keep offensive linemen off my back. There will also be some school decision made, but I am not sure what I want to major in yet."

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