Recruiting: The latest on Sam McGuffie

Could anohter visit to Norman be in the works for Cypress, Texas RB Sam McGuffie?


JH: Catch us up on how your track season is going?

SM: "Currently I am ranked second in the state in the long jump. I am a 6'8 high jumper and I can do a whole bunch of different things. I run the 110 high hurdles and I am on our 4 X 100 and 4 X 200 relay. Regionals are in two weeks at Humble High School and I am excited about that meet coming up."

JH: What do you run the 110 HH in?

SM: "I run that event in 14.1."

JH: How does that stack up in track?

SM: "I think that is third or fourth or something like that in state."

JH: What do you actually run the 100 meters in?

SM: "I don't know, but probably faster that I can run the 110 HH! I really don't have any idea because they won't let me run it, because I do so many other events."

JH: What leg do you run on the relays?

SM: "I either run the second or anchor leg. It just depends because I do so many events the coaches don't want to get me tired, or put a lot of stress on me. So, they put me different events at different times in meets depending on what our team needs. However, on the relay I am usually running the straightaway because I am faster in that area of the track."

JH: Have you been on any unofficial football visits recently?

SM: "I went to A&M the other day to watch their spring football game and I have been to LSU."

JH: What did you think of that game?

SM: "It was good, because they had 399 rushing yards in the game. That is a pretty crazy total for the game."

JH: What do you think about the Aggies at this point?

SM: "I like them and they are right down the road from my house. I like them pretty well."

JH: Do you like the Aggie offense and the way they run the football?

SM: "I like the fact they run the ball, but I kind of like the one-back system a little bit more than the two-back that they use. They use a lot of two-back so I don't know."

JH: You mentioned LSU so what are your thoughts on LSU?

SM: "That visit was wonderful. They have a great place, and they have a lot of excitement. Everybody loves football their and it would be a great place to go to college."

JH: Is LSU a school that you are seriously considering?

SM: "Yes sir!"

JH: What is the latest on your thoughts on Oklahoma? Have you heard from Oklahoma much?

SM: "Yeah I have heard from Coach (James) Patton a lot. I am going to go back up there on an unofficial visit and check them out again. That place is beautiful and Norman is a good college town. OU is a fun place to be."

JH: Are you still just going through the recruiting process or are you looking at a top five, six or seven?

SM: "I will probably go through the general recruiting process a little bit longer and then start slicing people off the list. I really don't know when I am going to do that, but I have to start at some point soon."

JH: How many schools have offered you at this point?

SM: "I have been offered by 21 schools. I have been offered by the Sooners, California, Texas A&M, Notre Dame and a bunch of other schools."

JH: Did USC offer you?

SM: " Southern Cal is looking at my tape right now. It is kind of weird you said that. I just talked to them today and my coach called them and told them what is up. So, I don't know what they are thinking."

JH: Has LSU offered you at this point?

SM: "They have not offered me. At coach from LSU is coming down in a week or so, but I don't know what they think. They have not looked at my tape yet. I gave Coach (Les) Miles my tape and he hasn't watched it yet. He wants to watch it in front of everybody."

JH: What about Oklahoma's offense and how the Sooners run the football, how do you feel they way they run the football fits with your style of running the football?

SM: "OU has a great rushing offense. It is perfect for me, because they get the ball into the playmakers hands."

JH: You have a great ability to make people miss and leap over guys so do you even think about you moves when you are running?

SM: "Yeah sometimes, but I see so much of it in my town or in Houston . People are always talking about me jumping over people. I see it on TV all the time and I usually turn off the TV when it is on. I am not really into all that. I just run and I am not sure why I jump or why I do certain moves. Heck some people are having fun with it on the Internet. I did a video with me jumping over a car and somebody got a hold of it. So they added it to my football highlights and it is funny to watch. I am not sure who they do that, but it was funny."

JH: How would you classify yourself as a running back? Are you a power guy, a juke guy or what? Are you both?

SM: "I just do what I can to move the football. I have gained a little weight. I am up to about 190 right now so I am probably just going to kill people."

JH: What is your fastest time in the 40?

SM: "When I ran it there were about six stopwatches on me. That is just how my coaches time me in the 40. My fastest time was 4.28."

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