Two Minute Drill: Malcolm Kelly

Sooners receiver Malcolm Kelly talks about the rehab for his knee injury and expectations for next season.

Junior wide receiver Malcolm Kelly sat out the spring due to a knee injury, but he did not sit around and do nothing. Instead, Kelly was challenged by OU Offensive Coordinator Kevin Wilson to improve while rehabbing his knee.

Kelly was already one of the hardest workers on the team, but he picked the pace up a notch in the spring, and he plans to carry that attitude over to the summer and into two-a-days. However, despite a busy schedule he did slow down long enough to talk to for the Two Minute Drill.

JH: How is your rehab coming along?

MK: "It is coming along. I have been out since January and I am almost through with my rehab. My rehab is going well and I am anxious to return to team workouts. I watched them go at it every day during spring practice, I was just sitting over there watching. So, I am anxious to get back."

JH: I have watched the Boise State game and watched the play you get hurt on, and to be honest it doesn't look that bad. Did you think the injury was going to be that bad at the time?

MK: "No. It was a play where I jumped up, it wasn't a play in the end zone. It was the play before that on the long post route, I tried to jump up and I came down wrong I guess. It wasn't like when I cam down that it hurt right then, but I took four or five steps walking back to the huddle and grabbed my knee because it hurt. I didn't know what was wrong with it. But when I got the sideline it ended up being hurt. So I had to have minor surgery and I am close to being back 100 percent."

JH: You told me before the spring started that you were still going to try to get in great workouts and work on improving you physical ability and game. Were you able to do that?

MK: "I put on six or seven pounds and my bench has gone up. I have a lot more upper body strength, which is what Coach (Kevin) Sumlin wanted me to work on. Really, that is all I could work on anyway. So I worked on my upper body strength. When I get back, I really want to work on my route running. I have an OK time getting separation now, but I need to really sit down and study my route running so that I can really get that separation that I need."

JH: What are you benching now?

MK: "I really don't know because we have not maxed out. I go in there and lift six days a week and sometimes twice a day. It is all upper body, but I don't know what my max would be. All I know is that 275 is a whole lot easier than it used to be, but I haven't maxed out lately."

JH: You have established yourself as one of the top receivers in the Big 12, but as you get ready to go into this off season what will you work on to get better?

MK: "It is good to be regarded as one of the top receivers, but in the end you want to be the top receiver. Everybody is working out, everybody is lifting and everybody is running, but I have to find that something extra that I can do that separates me from everybody else. If that is staying and catching balls or me and Smitty sometimes doing extra leg work to get my hip-flexors right, then that is what I will do. It is an honor to be recognized during preseason, but that is just what people think and that is just opinions. That has nothing to do with what goes on Saturday between the lines. If I come out and bust, then that is all just paper. To be honest, that is all it is now. I have to prove myself every season."

JH: Most of the time the quarterbacks is the leader of the offense, but you guys don't have an experienced quarterback. I was talking to Coach Kevin Wilson and he said you have to step up and be the leader of the offense. Are you willing and ready to accept that responsibility?

MK: "Yeah, he talked to me about that. It is crazy because as long as I have been here I have kind of being the young guy. Last year, I was still the young guy and I never had to be the voice of the offense. Coach Wilson came to me and pulled me to the side and pointed out that me, Manuel (Johnson) and Juaquin (Iglesias) have played more football than anybody else on the offense as far as college football goes. We have been playing since our freshmen year. It is just going to be a challenge, but I do feel I can come out and be the leader of the team. I have never really been a vocal guy, but anything to get the offense going is OK with me. Somebody is going to have to do it."

JH: How good is this wide receiver corps?

MK: "I think we are real good. I think we just need to develop some consistency. We will come out one day and look brilliant and then come out the next day and look kind of shady. I think we are leaps and bounds ahead of where we used to be. Everybody is getting a lot better and a lot of the young guys, Adron (Tennell) and Brandon (Caleb), now have an extra year in our system. We will have a receiver corps that can rotate five or six guys during a game. We are just trying to get it back to the way it was when M.C. (Mark Clayton), B.J. (Brandon Jones) and all those guys were here."

JH: What do you think of the two young guys of the group — Tennell and Brandon?

MK: "Both of them are real good. I talk to Adron a lot just because we are basically the same size and play the same position. He is just a real competitor. He just likes being out here and having fun more than anything. The game is really starting to slow down for both of them and they are starting to make a lot of plays."

JH: You told me at the end of last year that you had to improve your blocking because the run game is so important to this offense. Do you still feel that way?

MK: "Oh man, that is real important. When you talk about being a complete receiver that is something that has to be included. The running game can't work on the perimeter if your wide receiver is not going to block. I did a sub-par job last year blocking down field. I really have to step my game up in that area, but it is all mental when it comes down to it. We work out enough for everybody to have the physical tools, but the question is do you want to get out there and grind and do you want to get out there and get it."

JH: How good can this offense be and what kind of expectations do you have for the team next year?

MK: "I think this offense can be as good as any offense in the country. Everybody on our offense has been playing since our true freshman year and we have two seasons under our belt. It is really up to us and if we want it then we will come out and go get it. We have weapons every where on offense. The sky is the limit and winning is the reason why we came to Oklahoma. We didn't come here to win just Big 12 Championships, we came here to win National Championships. That is why when all of us got recruited that we came to Oklahoma because Coach Stoops has won a National Championship, and he will win another one. That is what we want to do."

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