Recruiting Notes

Despite a wealth of quarterback talent already at OU, junior Rhett Bomar is still high on the Sooners

I still haven't come up with a full list of propsects at the OU came this past Saturday, but I hope to by Friday. However, outside of Edmond Memorial linebacker Dane Zaslaw and Tyler, Texas defensive end Tim Crowder, who took official visits, two other quarterback prospects were at the game.

Joe John Finley of Arlington, Texas was at the game and OU continues to recruit him as a QB. OU does not stand a real good chance to get him, but Finley continues to show great interest. Whoever signs Finley has to give him a real chance to play QB and that is a problem. He is probably better as a TE prospect and teams would like to move him there soon after he signs.

Also junior QB sensation Rhett Bomar of Grand Prairie, Texas was up last week and plans to attend many more Sooner games. In fact, I have learned that Rhett calls the OU coaches quite often.

After the game on Saturday with Alabama, Rhett and his father sat down and talked with OU Head Coach Bob Stoops, Co-Defensive Coordinator Brent Venables and Offensive Coordinator Chuck Long for close to 40 minutes following the game. Venables recruits his area.

From what I can gather from the conversation at first the Bomar's wanted to know why OU had gone out and earned a committment from another quarterback, which OU did of course from Tommy Grady from Hunington Beach Edison, California. Remember, OU told Bomar they wouldn't sign a QB this year if they felt Bomar was going to come to OU.

As it turns out, the fact Bomar hasn't committed to OU at this time is why OU went out and recruited another QB, and that is what they told the Bomar's. Since Bomar hasn't committed to OU, despite admitting that OU is his favorite school at this time, OU couldn't count on him coming to OU. I get the feeling if Bomar had committed to OU then OU would not have gone after a committment from another quarterback and that includes Mr. Grady.

Despite the committment from Grady, OU appears to still be very much in the running for Bomar and they still want him very much. The Bomar's still say that OU is their number one school at the moment and they still feel if Bomar comes to OU that he would win the QB job early in his collegiate career. The Bomar's respect the QB talent the Sooners have on campus, but they don't feel OU has a great QB on campus. They feel that OU's current QBs have outstanding athletic ability, but they are not great quarterbacks.

As far as Grady goes, they don't feel he has the overall athletic ability that Rhett has and the fact he is coming to OU doesn't seem to scare them at all.

I am a bit surprised, but it appears that OU still has a great chance to eventually sign Rhett Bomar. Obviously, there is a long way to go before Bomar will sign on the dotted line, but as of last Saturday the Sooners still appear to be the front-runner, with Texas a distant second.

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