Sooners still in the mix for Texas receiver?

McKinney WR Jeff Fuller talks about his interest in Oklahoma and rumors of a future commitment to Texas or Texas A&M.


JH: I understand you had a great Nike camp last weekend in Fort Worth. What did you think about your performance?

JF: "I thought I did a pretty good job, but I wish I could have shown them more. They took me out of the camp early because I busted my head a little bit. I wish I could have showed them a little bit more."

JH: How did you bust your head?

JF: "I just came down wrong. I was going one-on-one and I came down wrong and landed on my back hitting my head pretty hard on the ground. I am good now, but I just wish I could have stayed in camp so I could have showed them some more."

JH: How much did you get to catch footballs from Landry Jones or Andrew Luck?

JF: "I think I caught a slant from Landry Jones in one-on-one drills. He is a pretty impressive quarterback. He throws a real nice ball to catch."

JH: How did it feel to be one of the best players at the camp? That had to be a good feeling for you, didn't it?

JF: "Oh yeah, it felt great. It really did."

JH: Did you feel you had to prove anything at this camp?

JF: "I definitely have something to prove every time I get out on the field. They have me at three stars and I think I am a lot better athlete than that. This gave me an opportunity to go out there and prove that I am better than what they thought I was."

JH: The talk coming out of the camp is that you are a heavy lean to Texas A&M, but if Texas eventually offers you then you will be a Longhorn. Are any of those rumors true?

JF: "No, I am not leaning anywhere. I am wide open right now. I have been in contact with Minnesota, UCLA, USC, Florida and Michigan. A lot of people are coming in to watch me play right now, so I am pretty much staying wide open."

JH: Why do people think you are leaning to Texas A&M or that you want to commit to Texas ?

JF: "I don't why people are getting that impression. When I go down to Texas I don't what is going to happen when I first get there. I haven't told anybody that I am going to commit to Texas when I go down there."

JH: Have you told anybody that you might commit to Texas A&M?

JF: "No, I haven't told anybody that I am going to commit to A&M either. I am wide open right now."

JH: You do know that there are a lot of people saying that you are going to either Texas A&M or Texas?

JF: "I just think they are kind of under that impression because A&M was my first offer and I have been up there a few times."

JH: What are your thoughts on Oklahoma at this point?

JF: "The Sooners are definitely an elite school. They go to a bowl game every year. I am real excited about them and ,real excited about the quarterback they have in this class. I am very excited about Landry Jones from New Mexico."

JH: Have you talked to Oklahoma lately or have they been by your school?

JF: "Yeah, they came by but I was actually at a track meet. I will definitely see them because they are coming by this week."

JH: When you say you are wide open, do you believe you could go anywhere or do you think you will go to a school in your region?

JF: "I could pretty much go anywhere now. That camp did a lot for me and I am glad people thought I did well."

JH: How many schools have offered you at this point?

JF: "I think it is up to nine now. I have been offered by Texas A&M, OU, Oklahoma State, Duke, Wisconsin, Boston College, Baylor, TCU and Colorado."

JH: It seems like you are enjoying the recruiting process and having a good time with it?

JF: "It is a great thing to go through. You only get to go through the recruiting process once and I am definitely going to take advantage of it."

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