Arkansas receiver high on Oklahoma

Little Rock, Ark. receiver Joe Adams talks about his impressive Nike camp and interest in Oklahoma.


JH: I understand you had a pretty good Nike camp this past weekend? How did you feel you performed?

JA: "I think I did real well. I got the MVP of the wide receivers. The camp was a real good camp, because they had at least 12 of the top receivers in the nation who came. I think I performed well out of that 12, I was the MVP."

JH: Did you go up against some of the top DBs?

JA: "Yes sir. But I didn't know who they were or any of there names?

JH: Before you went to that camp people knew who you were, but how does it feel to know that now you have really put yourself on the map?

JA: "That makes me feel great that I did well enough that I made a good impression on people."

JH: Did you catch any passes from Landry Jones?

JA: "Yeah, I caught some passes from him. He is a real good quarterback. I wish I could bring him here and let him play quarterback at my high school."

JH: Did you ask him to transfer?

JA: "No, I didn't get a chance to ask him. I will probably end up playing with him at OU anyway."

JH: So you like the Sooners that much right now?

JA: "Yes sir."

JH: Are you leaning towards Oklahoma right now?

JA: "Yeah, they are No. 1 on my list right now. I have liked Oklahoma since I was little. They always end up in the top 25 and I think they have a real good program."

JH: What other schools besides OU are you considering right now?

JA: "Georgia, Arkansas, Minnesota and Texas Tech, but I wouldn't mind hearing from Notre Dame, Florida or Ohio State."

JH: What is your gameplan for this summer?

JA: "I am going to try to go to summer camps and save my visits for the season. I might take my visits after the season, but I want to take them when I can and see the teams play."

JH: So you are going to go through the recruiting process and not commit early?

JA: "I plan on taking my visits and going through the process."

JH: Do you plan on taking any unofficial visits this summer?

JA: "Yes, but I haven't set anything up yet."

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