Draft day was stressful for Ah You

Former Sooner defensive end C.J. Ah You talks to OUInisder.com about his draft day experience. Ah You was selected in the seventh and final round by the Buffalo Bills.

C.J. Ah You was a two-year starter at the University of Oklahoma and considered one of the Sooners' better defensive players the past two seasons. He not only played defensive end, but was big and strong enough to move inside on passing downs for the Sooners last season.

Ah You, who was drafted in the seventh round, was projected in the recent NFL Draft anywhere from the fifth to the seventh round. Ah You is back at work training with OU Strength and Conditioning Coach Jerry Schmidt getting ready for a rookie mini-camp and full-team mini-camp all in a span of the next three weeks.

However, C.J. takes life as it comes and recenlty took time out of his busy schedule to talk to OUInsider.com for the Two Minute Drill.

JH: Congratulations on getting drafted by the Buffalo Bills.

CJ: "Thank you. Thank you very much!"

JH: How anxious was it waiting until the seventh round to hear your name called?

CJ: "It was more stressful than anxious. I didn't know what to expect. It was a very long day and I was just glad that I was able to get picked up. Now I can showcase what I have to do."

JH: Did you watch the draft?

CJ: "I just stayed outside and messed around with all my nieces and nephews all day. They (family) were watching the draft inside and I didn't want to be anywhere near it."

JH: So every time you walked into the house somebody would give you an update on what round the draft was on?

CJ: "Yeah, every time I walked in they would give me a little update on who was gone. I was more curious about where my teammates had gone or what teammates had gone than I was about what was going on with me."

JH: How did you find out that you had been drafted?

CJ: "I was actually outside sleeping on the grass and I got a call from the Bills saying that they were interested, and that they were going to get back to me and let me know. After that call I really didn't think anything of it because they weren't real concrete in what they were going to do. Then about 10 minutes later they called back and said they were on the clock and congratulations, I had just become a Buffalo Bill."

JH: Did you have other calls from other teams?

CJ: "I didn't. They were the first team that had called me the whole day. Toward the very end I was getting kind of discouraged and I started to think about free agency. When they called I was just real shocked and real happy that they called."

JH: What did the Bills coaching staff and front office say to you when they called?

CJ: "They said that they had watched my film and that they were real impressed with what I can do. They said that I fit into their system really well and that they were real excited to have me. Their first question was that they thought I was hurt, and I had to clear that up for them. Other than that, they were just real excited."

JH: Why did they think you were hurt?

CJ: "I'm not sure. When they first called, they asked if I had broke my leg or something and asked if I was hurt. I just had to tell them that I was healthy and that everything was good. I told them my knees were fine and that everything was fine, and that I was ready to go to camp."

JH: Don't you think if they were thinking that then other teams might be thinking that too, and that might have hurt you in the draft?

CJ: "Yeah, that could have. But there is no telling really. I don't know what happened. I wasn't projected very high anyway. I wanted to go a little earlier than in the seventh, but I am glad I went in the seventh. Now I just have to prove to those that were taken before me that I am a rival and that I can contribute to a team."

JH: Are they talking about playing you at defensive end?

CJ: "Yeah, he said that he looked at me playing on the left side at D-end. He also said that on pass rushing situations he might move me inside like I did last year at OU. That is definitely an option for me."

JH: How are your workouts going?

CJ: "I was working out with Smitty before I left to go home for a few days. I am coming back to Norman tonight to continue working out until I go to camp on May 11th."

JH: Is Smitty putting you through the same pace that he did when you played for OU the last two years?

CJ: "Yeah, he is. He only knows one level, so I am trying to keep up. It is a little different this time around because I can kind of catch my breath a little longer if I need to."

JH: How much do you feel your career at OU working with coach Chris Wilson and the defensive staff of Brent Venables under Bob Stoops will help you as you try to make the Buffalo Bills?

CJ: "I think that is going to prepare me a lot. Being at OU, I had a chance to play against the top talent in the nation. I played against a lot of talented guys and I also learned a lot about technique and how to play the game at OU. I learned a lot about football and how to play the game, and that is definitely going to help me at the next level. I am not totally prepared for what is going to happen, but I have a good grasp on what is happening because I played in a great program like OU. Hopefully I will catch on real quick."

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