Recruiting: Potential offer excites Dallas LB

Dallas Skyline linebacker Spencer Reeves talks about his game and interest in Oklahoma.


Linebackers who can run as fast or faster than the running backs they play against are what makes a defense tick. That linebacker that can cover sideline-to-sideline is a tremendous weapon and can turn a good defense into a great defense. That is why the skills of Spencer Reeves give Dallas Skyline a great chance to have a super defense this season.

"Where I line up depends on what defense we are in," said Reeves. "In our regular 4-3 defense, I line up in the middle because of my speed. In our 3-4, they have me kind of outside. I play all three linebacker positions during most games. The coaches use me where I can take advantage of my skills during each game. I love playing all over the place. I just don't want to stick to one position, I love being able to move around and do different things."

Last season, Reeves was all over the field finishing with 110 tackles, but he made some eye-popping hits on ball carriers as well.

"One thing that I am proud of myself for is that I do have good speed as a linebacker," said Reeves. "Then again, you can line me up in the middle and I will come downhill and hit you. I can run, but I can hit you as well. My best asset is my speed and footwork. Every day I work on my footwork and my speed. That is the reason why I have so many offers right now. I catch the eye of a number of coaches because of my speed. They see me on the field and they see my speed, which convinces them to offer."

Reeves can bench 255 pounds and he can squat 415. He had attended several combines and he will go to the University of Texas Summer Camp on June 8. He also went to the Texas Junior Day.

"I have been offered by 14 schools," said Reeves. "I have offers from Kansas, Kansas State, Minnesota , Purdue, Wisconsin, Colorado, Colorado State, SMU, Arizona and Texas Tech. Oklahoma hasn't offered me yet, but they attended practice today. I haven't got any feedback yet from Oklahoma, but I was glad to see them at practice.

"I love Oklahoma. An offer from Oklahoma would really get things going in a different direction. Growing up, I loved Oklahoma. And Adrian Peterson was down there so I love Oklahoma. An offer from them would really put them on top. I would really be excited about it."

Does Reeves have a favorite at this point?

"Yes, my favorites at this time are Minnesota and Kansas State ," said Reeves. "They are neck and neck. They have shown me the most love, have sent me the most mail and they text me just about every day. The interest level in me from those two schools is very high.

"Before spring practice, Texas was high on my list. I went to their Junior Day and I love their school. I heard they were supposed to be offering. But since then I have not heard anything at all from Texas and they are not really showing any interest. The other schools are showing interest so I am leaning towards them more than Texas. Like I said, Texas hasn't said anything to me and they haven't come to practice either, so it is up in the air with Texas."

Spring practice is underway at Skyline and Reeves said it has been exciting to have so many college coaches show up to watch them workout.

"Spring practice is going well," said Reeves. "I am very excited about practice. I was very excited before and I want to get into pads. With all the coaches coming out to visit us, things are going well and I am really getting after it. I am really going to be excited tomorrow, because LSU is coming. They have offered me and Les Miles is coming down to watch me practice. So, I am ready to have a great practice for him."

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