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Chester, S.C. cornerback Charles Whitlock profile and update.


Finding great corners is hard to do in this day and age of recruiting. Many times, you have to take a player who is a dual skill athlete, or who is a very good running quarterback and project him on the other side of the ball. You don't necessarily have to do that with Charles Whitlock, but he is a dual threat at quarterback and cornerback at Senior High. And even though he is drawing more attention at corner, many schools like what they see from him at quarterback.

Whitlock broke into the starting line-up at Senior High as a true freshman at corner and free safety, but he primarily played cornerback. Whitlock has developed into one of the best corners in the South and he is always matched against the best wide receiver from the other team. Last season, Whitlock finished with 57 tackles and four interceptions despite the fact that most teams didn't test him. At quarterback, Whitlock ran the spread offense and finished with 800 yards rushing and over 1,000 yards passing.

"I am being recruited at both positions, but primarily at cornerback," said Whitlock. "I really like both the same. I don't have a preference where I play in college. I admit that I am getting more attention at cornerback, but I am not going to rule out playing quarterback because there are teams talking to me about playing quarterback. My speed and quickness is my biggest asset at both quarterback and cornerback, so it doesn't matter to me."

Whitlock is what you would call a cocky athlete, which is good in his case. He plays with a quiet confidence and does everything that is asked of him by his prep coaching staff.

"I am very confident in my abilities and try to be a leader by how I play the game," said Whitlock. "I think if you are going to do what I do, you have to have confidence in your abilities."

Whitlock has been offered by over 30 schools,but he wants to take his time whittling that list down.

"All the schools that have offered me are the same until I get the list down toward the end of the summer," said Whitlock. "I hope to have my list down to five by the end of the summer. Some of the schools who have offered me are Florida, Oklahoma, Florida State, Wisconsin and many other teams like that. I hope to visit Florida, Ohio State, Auburn and Oklahoma this summer."

What does Whitlock think about Oklahoma?

"I plan on coming up there for both an unofficial visit this summer and then an official visit at some point," said Whitlock. "I hope to be in Norman towardsthe end of May or the beginning of June. The Sooners are easy to follow because they are always on TV and on ESPN, and they had Adrian Peterson."

What will be important to Whitlock as he searches for the right school?

"The environment and atmosphere will be the most important thing for me," said Whitlock. "I want to go to a school where I know I am going to win a bowl game and where I can get a quality degree. I really don't care about style of defense or anything like that, because cornerback is the same in most defenses. I want to find a school where I do have an opportunity to get on the field and where I will feel comfortable."

Whitlock took an unofficial visit to North Carolina recently!

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