Recruiting: Ibiloye stops in for a quick tour

Garland, Texas linebacker/safety prospect Joseph Ibiloye talks about his recent visit to Norman.


JH: Were you in Norman recently for an unofficial visit?

JI: "Yes sir, I was."

JH: How did the visit go?

JI: "It was a real good time, but we couldn't stay long because I had transportation issues. We could only stay for three or four hours. Coach Venables showed me around and with a GA, Zac (Spavatal). They showed me the weight room and everything. It was real nice."

JH: What was your take on the facilities?

JI: "They showed me a lot in four hours. I liked everything about it. I liked the town and I liked the school."

JH: What was your impression of Coach Venables?

JI: "I like him because he is always fired up and stuff. He keeps me excited. He is a real cool guy."

JH: Did you learn anything about OU that you didn't know before?

JI: "Not really. That was my first time up there. I thought it was going to be a big city type of atmosphere, but what I found out that it was really a like a small city. I like a small city type of atmosphere. I like the fact it was in a small town. That is where I can see myself really playing, in a small town."

JH: Did you talk much football with Coach Venables?

JI: "Yeah, we talked football a lot. He is trying to figure out where he wants to play me. There are two positions that he wants to play me. One is at outside linebacker and the other is a strong safety that drops into the box a lot."

JH: Do you prefer a certain position over the other?

JI: "Nah, I just want to get on the field. But I do like that strong safety spot that drops down into the box."

JH: What will you play next year at South Garland?

JI: "Next year we are moving to the 4-3 defense, so I will be playing free safety. So I am going to get a lot of work at safety this upcoming season."

JH: How do the Sooners fit into the mix in the whole grand scheme of things now that you have been up to see them unofficially?

JI: "They at the top or in the mix with a couple of schools at the top. Right now I am just trying to wait until I get all my offers so that I can start to narrow them down. My other schools are Miami and Texas A&M."

JH: Do you plan on taking any more unofficial visits during the summer?

JI: "I will probably go to a couple of schools, but I haven't made up my mind where."

JH: How is the off-season going for you?

JI: "It is going well. Now that spring football has started, a lot of schools have been coming up there to watch practice. Spring football practice is going real well, but it is tough because I am learning the free safety spot.

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