Future Sooner Robinson staying busy

OUInsider.com goes one-on-one with Danielle Robinson on her summer plans and what she'll bring to the table for Oklahoma next year. Robinson finished last season ranked as 21st-best player in the nation by HoopGurlz.com.


Danielle Robinson is the highest-rated recruit in Sherri Coale's 2007 recruiting class. Robinson will also be among 37 players fighting for a roster spot on the 2007 USA Basketball U19 World Championship team at the 2007 USA Basketball Junior World Team trials May 17-20 in Colorado Springs, Colo.

Robinson is working hard getting ready for those trials, she recently found time to go one-on-one with OUInsider.com.

JH: How excited are you to be going to this trial for the second year in a row?

DR: "I am definitely real excited because the USA is a great opportunity and a great experience. I went last year and I was the named an alternate, so I am hoping to go back with that experience and possibly make the team this time around."

JH: Now that you are a year older with more experience, do you think your chances of making the team are pretty good? I would think you would know a lot of those girls that you are competing against?

DR: "I do know a lot of the girls. Last year I was actually coming back from a trip to South Africa. I came back that night and I had to fly that next morning to the USA trials, so I was a bit exhausted. Jet lag really hit me on the second day, but this time I have been working out and just playing a lot. I am getting stronger and I am in much better shape this year. I have learned a lot just by playing with the girls a lot this summer. And after seeing a lot of the players this year, I think I have a real good chance. I am really excited about the opportunity that is ahead of me."

JH: Did you feel like you improved your offensive game your senior year? Aren't you a better offensive player going to the trials this year?

DR: "Definitely. With it being my senior year and having the whole pressure of winning state on my shoulders, it definitely helped me and motivated me to become more of an offensive threat and to take over a game. Winning that championship really brought me a lot of confidence. I think I have developed into a better scorer and a better passer."

JH: Did your team win the state championship?

DR: "Yeah, we won by five."

JH: How well did you play in the state championship game?

DR: "I had 22 points and eight rebounds. I definitely feel it was my time to step up and I did it at the right time."

JH: When do you hope to be in Norman officially?

DR: "I am going to be there June 3. I am going to be there in time to go to summer school."

JH: If you make the USA Junior team, when will you start practicing with them?

DR: "I will have to go back to Colorado in July for a training camp. I think we do that for a week or a week and a half. Then we leave the following week after the training camp for wherever our competition is. So if I make the team, I will start getting involved with USA Basketball in July."

JH: Are you looking forward to next season at Oklahoma?

DR: "Oh, definitely. I am looking forward to that experience. I am definitely looking forward to my last high school events, like Senior Prom on Saturday, then Senior Cruise and Senior Dinner. But I am definitely looking forward to getting to know my new teammates, coaches and getting ready for college. I am looking forward to seeing the campus and learning my way around and just getting used to everything."

JH: Many people feel the OU Women's team has to get more athletic. You certainly bring more athletic ability to the team, but do you feel that way or do you feel your overall skill will help OU more next year?

DR: "We have the talent right now. I think the freshmen class coming in will help. We are bringing in two more guards, one will be a combo. All we need to do is play with each other and have each others' backs. You have to work as a team and believe that you can win, and that plays a big part in how I think. A positive attitude and believing in team play does play a big part in my success. If you have a turnover in the game or you miss a shot, just know that you will make the next play. I think the fact that the freshmen classes the last two years have gone to the NCAA's is going to make us better for next year. A lot of the team has experience now and that will help us play much better next year."

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