Recruiting: Virginia WR to visit Norman

Christchurch, Va. wide receiver Deion Walker talks about his game and interest in Oklahoma.


Without question, Deion Walker is one of the very best players in the country. Rated as one of the top 100 prospects nationally by, Walker is electric in the open field and is so versatile that he can play any skill position. At Christchurch, he has played quarterback, receiver, running back and cornerback. And that has made him a must-get for an incredible number of college programs across the country.

"It is amazing what is going on with me right now," said Walker. "It is an incredible feeling, I just love everything that is going on right now. I am very blessed to receive so much attention and I hope to continue to work hard to justify all of it. At first I was surprised that so many people were talking to me. My sophomore year, I played quarterback so I wasn't getting much publicity as a quarterback. I was kind of skeptical at first if I was going to get offers or not, but when I switched to receiver I had a pretty good year. Then my size definitely helped me at receiver.

"I was very excited about all the things that were happening for me this year. I didn't expect it, but once the season was over and I got one offer from UVA right after our last game of the season, I was definitely excited. I definitely thought I could squeeze some more offers and it definitely took off from there."

Walker had not played much receiver before last season, but it didn't take him long to catch on. He finished his junior season with 47 catches for 732 yards, eight touchdowns as well as another 300-yards rushing yards from the quarterback position.

"I played wide receiver in the eight grade, but I actually played defense all the way through my early career," said Walker. "I played cornerback and quarterback through junior high and my sophomore year. This year is my first year playing receiver. I also play cornerback and earned all-state honors at defensive back as well as a receiver. I was second team all-state as a kick returner."

On defense Walker finished with 31-tackles, nine pass deflections, and eight interceptions. In fact Walker is so good at cornerback that every college in the country knows he would be good on the defensive side of the ball, but he is so good on offense that Walker has to have the football in his hands.

"I definitely feel more comfortable at receiver," said Walker. "I like it because there is so much that I can learn. I am a smooth runner and I have always wanted to be a little guy growing up. I like quick juke guys. Those guys are my idols, but I am taller than them so I have to definitely work on that. When it comes to running precise routes and things like that, I definitely want to be on top of everything and be precise when it comes to route running."

Walker can bench 225 pounds, squat 435 and he has posted a 37-inch vertical jump. Healso starts in hoops (13 ppg, six rebounds, seven steals) and he is running the 100M (state qualifier/10.9), triple jump (46'1) and long jump in track. Last season was the first season that Walker attended Christchurch. He won the triple jump for Ashville, N.C. the last two years.

It is not surprising that this great athlete has over 40 offers at this time.

"I haven't narrowed down my choices because I haven't closed off offers yet," said Walker. "Some of the schools that have offered me are Southern Cal, Florida, Penn State, Auburn, Alabama, LSU, Cal, Oklahoma and Texas A&M. I have offers from all over the place."

What does he think about the Sooners at this point?

"I definitely like Oklahoma," said Walker. "I saw the spring game on ESPN and I definitely want to get out there and check out that environment. When I visit Oklahoma this summer, I am also going to check out Oklahoma State. I definitely want to get down there and check out both schools.

"I liked what I saw of Oklahoma 's offense. I definitely feel I can fit into their offense. My coach told me that they don't have very many receivers when my class comes in, and that they are definitely looking to boost their receiver corp up when my class gets there. I am definitely up for trying to play there."

Walker also talked about the commitment Oklahoma received from Landry Jones, who is one of the top quarterback prospects in the country.

"I just found that out recently," said Walker. "That is another thing that is really exciting about Oklahoma — they have a great quarterback coming in with this class. Oklahoma always has a great quarterback, but it is great that they have another one coming in with this class."

Walker has lived in North Carolina and now in Virginia, so he is not be afraid to go to college anywhere in the country.

"I don't have any ties in any particular place," said Walker. "I have family in California, Texas and New York. Really, I have family all over the place. So I don't have any ties necessarily to Virginia, although I am looking at schools in the area because they are close to me. I am definitely looking at those schools, but it is not a matter of me staying close to home. Distance will not come into play in my decision."

Deion is one of the rare individuals that plays for this father, who is on the staff at Christchurch.

"It is kind of hard to play for him because we run the ball more than we pass, and he is the running back coach," said a laughing Walker. "We had three really good running backs this past year so it was definitely tough getting the ball thrown very much. We had a very good quarterback also, but we didn't throw it very much and that kind of hurt. It is tough because I want to ask him why he is running this play as my dad, but I have to realize that he is my coach and I can't say anything. It is kind of funny sometimes."

Walker has not attended any combines, but he has been to Junior Days at Penn State and N.C. State. He also attended spring games at Maryland, Tennessee and Virginia, and he also visited Wake Forest.

This summer, Walker plans to visit a number of different schools. He may even attend a camp or two and he promises he will make it through Oklahoma to see OU and OSU.

Walker has qualified.

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