Recruiting: Sooners watch Brown in action

The latest on Wichita, Kan. five-star linebacker Arthur Brown.


JH: You had some of the biggest names in college football in Wichita today watching you workout. Tell us about it.

AB: "Today was a great day and a great turnout. It was bigger turnout that I expected, and that is a good thing. It is always great for kids to get the opportunity to be noticed and to get looked at. That was the great part about it. It was just basically a workout and we do this workout four days a week, every week. It was really routine for guys from our team."

JH: Including you and your brother, Bryce, how many of your teammates were there?

AB: "We had three of our teammates and me and my brother. We had Chris Steadman, who is a wide receiver for us, Demonti Hill, who is a linebacker and Shaquille Reed, a defensive end who is a rising sophomore."

JH: Was this just your off-season workout or did you guys put on something special for the college coaches?

AB: "We did mix it up a little bit. We wanted to put some things in there that the coaches would want to see, so it was a little different. We work every day or almost every day, four days a week doing this type of routine. So it was really nothing new to us. It was actually routine."

JH: How many college coaches were there today?

AB: "There were a lot, just a whole lot. Coach Bob Stoops, Brent Venables and Cale Gundy were there from Oklahoma. Coach Urban Meyer was there from Florida and Pete Carroll from USC. There was a coach from North Carolina (John Blake). There were all kinds of coaches there. I didn't know them all and I couldn't keep up with them all. I would say there were 15 or more schools up here today. Kansas was here — Coach (Mark) Mangino was here."

JH: Have you just been taking care of academics or have you taken some more unofficial visits?

AB: "We haven't been doing anything up to this point. We just been trying to focus on our grades and finishing out the year strong. Our finals are coming up this week and we have just been studying and getting prepared for that. As far as football, we haven't taken any more trips. I think our last trip was to Nebraska. We really have just been lying low and working on important things like school."

JH: How are your academics going, especially when you are trying to speed things up so that you can graduate early?

AB: "They are going real well. I have above a 3.0 and I am also preparing for my ACT."

JH: What were your thoughts on seeing the three Oklahoma coaches there?

AB: "It was great. It is always a good thing when they come up to support, even though they knew what I was about and knew what I did. They still came to watch me workout and that was a great thing. I really liked that."

JH: What did you think of the fact that Bob Stoops was in attendance.

AB: "That was something that I saw him here. I waved at him when I saw him and he waved back at me and acknowledged me. I feel good about him being here."

JH: How did it feel to have some of the biggest coaches in college football in town to watch you and your teammate's workout?

AB: "It was a great thing to have all those other coaches there and it is just a blessing to be in this situation that I am in right now. For us to be able to bring this kind of attraction to Wichita and to give other kids an opportunity to workout for those coaches, it is a great thing. I did not grow up watching college football and now I am beginning to understand what it is all about and how big of a business it really is."

JH: What are your thoughts on Oklahoma at this point, especially after today?

AB: "I am very, very, very interested in Oklahoma. I am looking forward to taking another trip down there this summer. I am not sure when, but I do plan on taking another trip down there to Oklahoma and getting more in-depth. I want to meet more players and I want to interact with the players, coaches and people around the program and see how that goes."

JH: Are you still considering the same schools at this time? You always seem to mention OU, Kansas, Kansas State, USC, Florida , Miami and Michigan !

AB: "Yes, pretty much. I can't really think of any new schools that I am considering. I haven't ruled out anybody really."

JH: Do you plan to take a lot of trips this summer?

AB: "Yes, we hope to. But that will depend on our financial situation. We are planning on getting out and taking a lot of unofficial visits to different schools, but until finals are over we won't think about when and where."

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