Hoops: Coale after top California PG

Los Angeles, Calif. point guard Nikki Speed talks about her game and interest in Oklahoma.


If there has ever been a player who has the name for her own game, it is Nikki Speed. In fact, her parents could not have planned this out any better. Speed does indeed have great speed, which is the key to her game. She has so much speed that even when she is dribbling the ball she is speedier than anybody on the floor.

"People are talking about my name and how it fits my game all the time," said a laughing Speed. "Going into Marlborough for my freshman year, every one knew my name and they wanted to see me play just because of my name."

Speed lettered as a freshman and has been the starting point guard since her sophomore season. As a sophomore, she averaged 10 points per game moved that average up to 11 herjunior season. She plays on the SBC Finest Basketball Club AAU team during the summer and plays against the top point guards in the country. Speed has learned a lot about her game over the last couple of years.

"I have learned how to fight and never give up," said Speed, who led her high school team to a 26-4 record last season. "I never think about quitting and I make sure my teammates feel the same way. My speed and quickness is a positive for me, and I have improved my shooting over the last couple of years. My defense has improved and I am a much better man defender than I was last year."

Speed has developed her game at the Adidas Summer Camp since the eighth grade and was recently invited to the USA Festival this past year. So, Speed is a well-known talent and she has already received too many offers to count.

"I have been offered by Texas, LSU, Baylor, Oklahoma and many others," said Speed. "I don't have a top five, but I do plan to have a top five by the end of the summer. I have an interest in Baylor, Texas, USC, UCLA, CAL, LSU, Rutgers, Duke, Oklahoma and a lot of schools."

What does she think about the Sooners?

"The Oklahoma Sooners will more than likely be on my list," said Speed. "I have a former teammate (Abi Olajuwon) up there and if she loves it, so I am sure there are going to be things that I love about it. I really want to get up to Oklahoma and take a look. When you talk to the coaches at Oklahoma, they are cool to talk to. Abi and I have talked about OU a lot and I plan to get up there and visit Oklahoma to learn more about the school."

Speed was named the California All-State Player of the Year this past season.

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