Broyles Gets His First Taste...

Ryan Broyles didn't have to travel far to get to his desired college destination when he picked Oklahoma, a school that is right down the street from where the young wide receiver grew up. This week he had his first taste of the college life and is enjoying every bit of it so far.

Ryan Broyles went out in style during his senior season at Norman High School catching 43 passes for 973 yards and 8 touchdowns on the season. The 5-foot-11, 170-pound wide receiver also carried the ball 73 times for 375 yards and 16 touchdowns and added 63 tackles and five interceptions on the defensive side of the ball. Add to that the five punts he returned for touchdowns and two kick returns touchdowns and you have yourself one heck of a productive season.

"I got here last Saturday and the first thing they had us do was take a few tests before we take our placement tests to see where we were at," Broyles said. "We started working out this week as well and yesterday we did max on bench, where I put up 225 pounds five times. I was pretty happy with that number for right now, but I know I need to get stronger going forward."

Broyles hit campus along with most of the rest of the 2007 class last weekend and has certain expectations about what his role will be in the Sooner offense as well as what to expect from strength and conditioning coach Jerry Schmidt.

"I got recruited on both offense and defense by schools, but Oklahoma is going to have me play wide receiver and I have been told that I will probably be working out of the slot most of the time," Broyles explained. "They said I could contend for playing time pretty early there and would also have a chance to compete as a return specialist since I did well with that at the high school level, returning seven last year for touchdown."

"Coach (Jerry) Schmidt has a reputation and I know he will be on us with speed work and lifting at all times, making sure we are doing things right," Broyles added. "The other day we were doing medicine ball work and I wasn't doing it how he wanted it done, so he got on me about that pretty quick. I know I am laughing about it now, but I'm sure I won't be when I am sore after a few weeks of working with him."

For most incoming freshman distance does play somewhat of a factor and not all of the players came in with relationships already built on the team. Broyles has hit it off very well with his roommate already and already had a friend on campus at Norman.

"My roommate is Jamell Fleming and we get along real well already," Broyles stated. "I have also been hanging out with all of the other players from this class and we've all bonded pretty well already. They have a lounge and game room for us, so there is ping pong, pool, video games and all that down here. We're just waiting for the new Madden to come out now and I guess we'll have to coin flip over who gets to use OU when the new NCAA comes out. Another thing that was big for me when I picked Oklahoma was that I have a former teammate that is like a brother to me already here in Mossis Madu. I wanted to stay close to him and this gave me an opportunity to do that."

"Right now I am just getting ready for Monday because that is when we start in the weight room full swing. We all have been taking one class this summer which is a jazz history class just to get used to the whole college feel and other then that we've just spent a lot of time getting to know one another. It has been real cool so far and I am really loving it here already."

As a junior Broyles had 370 yards and five touchdowns on offense as well as 31 tackles and five interceptions defensively.

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