Britt Mitchell: I'm All OU!

Britt Mitchell had committed to Texas A&M early in the recruiting process, but after visiting Norman and getting to know the Sooner coaching staff he had a change of heart and gave his verbal pledge to Oklahoma. Since then he has been spending time rehabbing a minor knee surgery and is prepping for a big senior year.

Two months ago was the last time we caught up with Britt Mitchell, a 6-foot-8, 320-pound offensive tackle from Roscoe High School in Roscoe, Texas. Since then he has spent most of his time recovering from arthroscopic surgery he had done for minor meniscus damage in his knee and is excited to get on campus in 2008 and help the Oklahoma program in any way he can.

"I had my knee scoped on May 25th to repair a little bit of damage and they told me it would be about three weeks until I could start lifting again," Mitchell said. "Right now it feels pretty good and only bothers me once in a while if I get up too quick after sitting for a while, so I'm just waiting for them to clear me so I can start working out on it again. I am going to start off slow with lifting at first and then get back into my normal routine when I have the knee back at full strength. When I spoke to Coach (James) Patton he just told me to take my time and get healthy."

Mitchell is planning on using his 6-foot-8, 320-pound frame on both sides of the ball this year for Roscoe High, spending time at defensive tackle to clog the middle while playing his natural position of offensive tackle as well. Part of the decision to play both ways was Mitchell wanting to improve himself in every part of his game and he ran through some things he felt he needed to work on over the next year.

"I need to work on bending my knees while playing, hence playing defensive tackle this season where I know I will need to keep low to the ground," Mitchell explained. "I also need to use my hands better, work on my footwork in some situations, become a better run blocker, get faster and get better at pulling. Pulling is definitely the thing that I am worst at right now and that needs to change."

After some slight nudging we were able to get Mitchell to give himself a bit of praise and tell us what he thought he did well.

"I think my pass blocking is pretty good and a lot of coaches have told me that my footwork in pass protection is very solid. I also do a good job anchoring and obviously having the size that I do is a plus. The last time I was measured was at A&M and I was right at 6-foot-8 barefoot and I think I have grown a bit since then even."

We talked to Mitchell a bit about what his goals are when he finally gets on campus at Oklahoma and becomes a member of the Sooner family as well as the relationships he has already developed on the team and what players he looks to pattern himself after at the next level.

"I really feel like I have something to prove when I get to Norman because I am from a small school and people mention that often," Mitchell stated. "I am going to red-shirt my freshman year at Oklahoma so that the coaching staff can mold me into the best player that I can be while I continue to get bigger and stronger. I want to be the best darn scout team player I can be because I know if I work the starters hard they get better because of it and I just want to help my team in any way I can as early as possible. I plan to get out there and put it all on the line with the scout team."

"Right now I have built a pretty good relationship with a few of the guys in my class and really respect their game," Mitchell added. "Stephen Good is an absolute monster out there on the field. I mean, he is just a mauler and he can really kill you out there. He plays real low and has such great strength and is just very impressive. The guy bench presses over 500 pounds already. At this point Stephen, Ben Habern and myself have all talked about rooming together when we are allowed to get apartments down the line and I look forward to spending time with people like them."

"As far as who I like in football it's tough because I'm not a big NFL fan and have never had time to watch a lot of football because I have always had a job that kept me real busy every weekend," Mitchell said. "Joe Thomas is a guy that I was just real impressed with because while he is so big, he also is very fast, athletic and strong out there. He stays low and pancakes guys all the time. I don't watch the NFL because I just feel like guys in college are playing for the love of the game while some of the NFL guys are just collecting a paycheck. They were good enough to get there, so I am not taking anything away from them, but college football is just different to me."

While Mitchell was committed to Texas A&M at one time, the reasons for which he ended up de-committed from that institution is unimportant. What is important is why he chose to play at Oklahoma and what he looks forward to doing.

"The coaches at Oklahoma were brutally honest with me and Coach Patton is a really intense guy that makes you get after it at every practice. Oklahoma's entire coaching staff just came across as very up front and honest about everything and after I made my first visit there Head Coach (Bob) Stoops called me and offered. I asked him if it was ok to talk to my parents about it and he told me to take all the time I needed which made it an even easier decision. We went out for dinner that night for a celebration and I called Coach Stoops from the restaurant to tell him I was a Sooner."

"As for how solid my commitment is, I have instructed my coach and my mother to delete all emails, erase all voicemails and throw out all letters from other schools at this point, because I'm all OU."

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