Home Away from Home

Pittsburgh, Pa., native Quentin Williams currently holds 17 written scholarship offers with one of them coming from the Oklahoma coaching staff. While Pittsburgh may be far away from Oklahoma on a map, for Williams the Norman area is basically like a second home.

Quentin Williams, a 6-foot-4, 230-pound athlete from Central Catholic High School in Pittsburgh, Pa., could play on either side of the ball at the collegiate level whether he is lining up at tight end or defensive end, however it is on the offensive that most schools covet him. The Sooners have offered Williams to play tight end for them at this point and it turns out that family ties could play a big part in his decision.

"My dad actually went to Oklahoma and got his undergrad in architecture there and grew up in Enid which is pretty close by, so I am familiar with the area," Williams said. "My grandmother lives in Enid and I have two uncles that are both nearby as well, so I already have them all bugging me for tickets and riding me hard to become a Sooner. They will understand if I pick another school, but I will say that I do like Oklahoma a lot and it would be really tough to pass up a Sooner offer."

Having family nearby is always a plus at some point for player entering college, however having family in town is not going to seal the deal for any team in any situation. We spoke to Williams about his thoughts on Oklahoma as an academic institution and football program to find out where he is at.

"Well first of all, I do speak to Coach (Kevin) Wilson pretty consistently and it is always nice to get recruited by your specific position coach," Williams explained. "He and I have built a solid relationship to this point and while I haven't spoken to Coach (Bob) Stoops yet, I have been told that they'll set that time up soon."

"I like the football program a lot obviously. They play in a great conference with the Big Twelve and have a steady winning tradition. I like that Boomer Sooner mentality and always have since my dad explained to me what it meant when we went to a game out there against Oklahoma State years back. We went around and toured the campus while he told me stories about the school and football program. I may not get the type of education I would at Stanford if I went to Oklahoma, but at the same time I will need to weight football versus academics and try to find a medium. As I said earlier, it would be really tough to pass up an offer from Oklahoma. It is kind of like a second home to me honestly."

As a junior, Williams caught 22 passes for 424 yards and 6 touchdowns. On the defensive side of the ball he added 42.5 tackles, with 13.5 coming for a loss, 8.5 sacks and two quarterback hurries. Williams was named first team All-Conference by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Williams has a GPA of 3.47, a QPA of 3.92 and scored 660 on math, 440 on verbal and 490 on the written portion of his SAT for a cumulative 1590.

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