King Puts His Trust in Oklahoma

Just over two weeks ago Houston, Texas native David King gave his verbal commitment to Oklahoma without much fanfare and has been silent since, however we were able to track down the defensive standout recently and dive further into how he arrived at the decision he made in late May.

David King, a 6-foot-4, 235-pound defensive end from Strake Jesuit College Prep gave his verbal commitment to play football for Oklahoma on May 31st, however there was little rhyme nor reason as to why he chose the program he did upon making that commitment known. We spoke with King recently about how he arrived at his decision and what he will be doing with himself this summer.

"It was really between Texas A&M and Oklahoma the whole time and although I had been down to A&M a few times, it took a while to get an offer," King said. "When I spoke to Coach (Kevin) Sumlin from Oklahoma he said all it took was one look at my film from he and Coach (Chris) Wilson and they knew that I could play at that level, so they offered me right there. At that point I had offers from both schools and really liked them both, however in the end I chose to go with Oklahoma."

King has never been to Norman and all that he knows of Oklahoma is what he has read or been told by the Sooner coaching staff or people around him that are familiar with the program. To commit to a school without visiting is one thing, but to commit with mostly the opinion of others shows just how outstanding of a job that the Oklahoma coaching staff did when recruiting King.

"I am very tight with Coach (Jackie) Shipp and Coach (Kevin) Sumlin and really put my trust in them from the start," King explained. "Coach Sumlin was quick to offer me and is a very cool, down to Earth kind of guy. Coach Shipp can talk to me about anything, not just football. Just the other day we spoke to one another and we spent the conversation talking about Madden and Tiger Woods X-Box games for a while. Those two coaches played a big part in my decision. My head coach also graduated from and played at Oklahoma, so he has told me a lot about the school and their tradition. He says they have a great program that could easily win a national championship while I am there with all of the talent they've brought in over the past few years. He told me that he has friends up there on campus in case I ever need anything. Recruiting was just really getting out of control for me at that point, so I decided to pull the trigger and put my trust in my coach and the coaching staff at Oklahoma."

"I think the success that I have seen Oklahoma have over the past several years played a bit part in it as well," King added. "They won a national championship in 2000 and have been Big Twelve champions many times. When I was talking to Coach Shipp about which games I saw this season I told him the Boise State game and he said we needed to change the subject immediately. I just have that type of relationship with the coaching staff where I am comfortable with them and we can joke around together, but be serious when it is time to strap on the pads."

King says that Texas A&M continues to text message him, but stated that he was pretty solid to Oklahoma at this point, so he is not paying them much attention. He is currently taking part in a conditioning program with his teammates where they lift one hour a day and then do sprints and cardiovascular work for the second hour. This workout is done Monday through Thursday for eight weeks leading up to one-a-days in August. If King is not able to make it to Norman for a visit this summer he plans to visit during the season officially for a home game. When asked if he had anything to add at the end of our conversation, King simply replied with the following:

"Boomer Sooner!"

As a junior, King missed three games with a meniscus injury, but was able to come back and finish the season strong earning second-team All-District honors in the process. He did not know his statistics at the time of our interview, but did know his core GPA of 2.8 and let us know that he took his SAT test on June 2nd.

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