Lewis-Moore Will Visit Five

Defensive end is certainly one of the positions the Oklahoma staff is spending the most time recruiting so far this year and there is another very impressive player available from Weatherford, Texas in Kapron Lewis-Moore. We spoke to Lewis-Moore about his current recruiting picture and how Oklahoma fits into it.

Kapron Lewis-Moore, a 6-foot-4, 225-pound defensive end from Weatherford High School in Weatherford, Texas has been offered by many programs at this point and plans to spend his summer visiting nearby programs that he holds interest in. One of those schools that he will visit is sure to be Oklahoma, but the Sooners will face some stiff competition if they want to land this Texas stud.

"Right now I am just sitting back and enjoying the process, so my family and I may be visiting some local schools this summer, but that will be it," Lewis-Moore said. "I think the schools will be Baylor, Texas A&M and Oklahoma that we'll be making stops at and then I'll figure out my officials from there. I don't have any favorites right now, but I can tell you the schools recruiting me the hardest are definitely Texas A&M, Notre Dame and Wisconsin."

"I'm also waiting on some other offers right now before I start trimming my list down during the summer," Lewis-Moore added. "I have been talking to Florida and USC who said they are currently in the process of reviewing my film, so we'll see what happens there. I'm not sure how much either one of those schools would even change my recruiting at this point because I don't know where they are with me."

Lewis-Moore recently had the chance to travel to Norman and take in what the Oklahoma experience is all about with some friends. While on campus he was toured by a member of the coaching staff, met with the academic department and was able to see just what the Sooners had to offer.

"I visited Oklahoma last Friday with one of my friends that will be enrolling there this fall and had a chance to learn about the academic side of things while I was hanging out with him for a few hours," Lewis-Moore stated. "After that Coach (Chris) Wilson came and got me and gave me a full tour of the facilities and stadium which was really nice. I got to see the Heisman Trophy case, the stadium, the weight room and a lot of different things and to tell you the truth it was just more then I expected it to be."

"Just as an example the campus was a lot prettier then I expected and I also wasn't planning on the facilities to wow me like they did," Lewis-Moore added. "I just didn't know they would be as cool as they were and then the Everest Indoor Training Center was just awesome. I also really like Coach Wilson because he gets straight to the point and just gives you facts, not opinions. I really liked that about him, plus he was a really nice guy and just seemed down to Earth. After getting to see what Oklahoma has to offer and meeting Coach Wilson I think I may end up taking an official visit there. Right now the only official visit I have set up is on September 21st to Notre Dame though."

We asked the young defensive end what else he liked about Oklahoma in general and what he was looking for from every potential suitor on his list. While on that topic of discussion the inquiry was also made as to how he plans to approach his decision making process and when fans can plan on hearing his final word.

"I like that Oklahoma has been winning a lot lately and does it consistently whether it was a national championship years ago or just making it to major bowl games every year regardless of the outcome," Lewis-Moore explained. "A lot of great athletes come through their program and move onto the NFL and I also know that I would have a good chance to play there. Having a consistent tradition of winning definitely plays a large part in my decision."

"I think the most important thing to me is how I feel about the people at the university though. I want to be treated like a human being and not just a football player. I want to know that I can go to a school and receive a good education as well because the chances of making it to the NFL are slim and even if you do those letters tend to stand for "Not For Long" from what I have seen in a lot of cases. Location also might play a factor, but I don't know about that right now. Right now I am just planning to knock some schools off the list this summer and I would like to wait until I turn 18 to make my decision. I was recently nominated for the Army All-American game, so if they select me to play in that I would be really honored and may want to announce my decision during the game. I do think I will definitely end up taking all five of my official visits before I make any decision, that much I can tell you."

As a junior, Lewis-Moore collected 50 tackles, six sacks, caused two fumbles and recovered three on his way to earning second-team All-District honors.

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