Red River Recruiting Battle?

Mountain Brook, Ala., four-star offensive tackle Tyler Love named a top five several days ago and had a visit on tap to Florida State for the weekend, however that visit did not take place. Suddenly another program has jumped into the mix for the nation's number eight offensive tackle that could make waves in his recruiting.

Tyler Love recently stated that Alabama, Florida, Florida State, Georgia and Oklahoma were his top five programs, however that was before the 6-foot-7, 285-pound tackle was contacted today by the Texas Longhorns, a school that could certainly change the face of his recruiting if they were to offer. We spoke to Love about his thoughts on Texas, as well as talked to him about where Oklahoma stood in the race.

"I didn't make it to Florida State this weekend because something unavoidable came up, so I will probably be visiting in July now," Love said. "Texas just started recruiting me today too which is huge to me because they are a school that is known for putting out quality offensive linemen and has a rich tradition and winning program. Texas has always been a great program and has a reputation for offensive linemen very similar to that of Oklahoma and I have heard from many people that Texas has the best environment to play football and go to school at."

One thing that fans of any of Love's five favorites did not want to hear, let alone the Sooner Nation, was that Texas could be jumping in this race for the Mountain Brook High School standout. Fret not Sooner fans, Love is also extremely high on the Oklahoma program and it's coaching staff.

"If you look at the past seven years with Oklahoma you have a national championship, I believe four BCS bowls and I believe they have won 10 games every years since 2000 or pretty close to it," Love explained. "They also have not only a great tradition of putting out quality offensive linemen like Davin Joseph, but they also put guys like Adrian Peterson into the league this year and are constantly producing quality talent which makes them a program that I think others aspire to be like."

"I still remember the first time Coach (James) Patton came out here to Alabama to see me and I was just really impressed and honored that he would come all the way out here just for me, especially considering a lot of coaches think players from Alabama are always set on going to either Bama or Auburn," Love added. "When I think of Coach Patton the one thing that always comes to mind is a text message he sent to me while he was in the area asking me where a place to get a good steak was around here. That is just the type of guy he is, down to Earth and personable and that really sticks out to me. He was so pumped when I told him I was very interested in Oklahoma and we have been in constant contact since that day by text and phone. The other thing I like is that while he is laid back off the field he has a passion and intensity on it that produces greatness along the offensive line. I feel like I would have a great position coach if I chose Oklahoma and also know that I'd have someone that cares about me off the field as well."

Love plans to make his decision either during or after his senior season and says that he will definitely be taking an official visit to Norman, most likely for the Oklahoma State game at this point. We asked him what he was looking for in any school that has offered him and while some of his answer was the norm, another part of it showed just how well balanced he is between football and his personal life at such a young age.

"Education is definitely the highest priority for me," Love stated. "I want to get into some area of business in college whether it is marketing, sports management or finance. I'd like to be a businessman when football is over, start a family and then settle down and just have a normal life. That's just something that is very important to me and where my priorities are. After education I would definitely say that the atmosphere surrounding the program and how I get along with my peers and coaches is very important. I also take into account the tradition and history of a program when looking at what schools have to offer which is why I like Oklahoma and my other finalists so much."

Spending most of my time in the Northeast area of the country in recruiting, I rarely get wind of recruits from as far south as Alabama, however upon talking to a good number of my recruits I have constantly heard what a great player and more often, person that Tyler Love is. After speaking with the young man tonight it is obvious that whichever school eventually wins out for his services will be getting not only a great player, but a person with top intangibles as well.

As a junior at Mountain Brook High School, Love earned first-team All-Metro and All-State honors at offensive tackle.

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