Sooners Looking Good for Owens

After already landing a quality wide receiver in Metuchen, N.J., native DeJuan Miller the Sooners would love to keep home an in-state prospect in Muskogee High School standout Jameel Owens, a player who has already collected ten written scholarship offers from programs around the nation.

For Jameel Owens, all ten of the programs who have offered him scholarships are on a level playing field right now, however the 6-foot-3, 210-pound Muskogee, Okla., product would like to narrow his list to five by the end of the summer months. Oklahoma is certainly a program that has just as good a chance as any other program right now and Owens talked about the Sooners recently with

"Oklahoma definitely has a big chance with me," Owens said. "I grew up a fan of Oklahoma and am from the area, so they are definitely still in the picture and will be for some time. I always liked that they're a winning program and from the time I really started to focus on college football they have been a team I really enjoyed watching. I've seen them win a national championship, win the Big Twelve and was actually at the Red River Shootout this year which was an amazing experience. The atmosphere was great, the fans were crazy and it was exactly what you'd expect from that kind of game."

Owens is being recruited by Coach Jackie Shipp who hails from the same home town and has been on campus at Norman a few times now. His relationship with Shipp is one that will definitely help the Sooner cause and when Owens visited campus he came away impressed with the entire picture.

"The campus there is very cool and so was all of the coaching staff when I visited two weeks ago," Owens stated. "Coach (Bob) Stoops took me and a few other recruits around the campus and talked to us about the program and it's history as well as the academic situation at Oklahoma. I was also there for the spring game and really feel like I fit in on campus at Norman. The facilities are very nice, everything is obviously top of the line there and the Everest Indoor Training Facility was awesome because it is great to have somewhere indoors to practice when it gets cold out."

"Coach (Jackie) Shipp is a cool guy and he is from Muskogee and has family there, so we actually have a lot in common," Owens added. "He stays on me about my academics and takes a personal interested in me which really helps with the chemistry we have together. He and the rest of the staff simply present me with facts to help me make my decision and Coach Shipp is just very down to Earth. Like I said, I am comfortable when I am on campus and I could definitely see myself going to Oklahoma. The fan support there is big and I feel like if I go somewhere else I'm just another recruit, but if I stay home people will know who I am."

Owens currently holds ten offers and is close to receiving another from a powerhouse SEC program at this juncture. He spoke a bit about what he is looking for in a future home and how Oklahoma fits into that picture. He also spoke a bit about his approach to what he'll need to work on to become a more complete player.

"I'm looking for a place where I feel comfortable with the coaching staff, where I will have a chance to make a difference early and somewhere that I feel like I can walk away with a good degree," Owens explained. "I love the staff at Oklahoma and they are a program that is always in contention for a bowl game or the national championship, so that helps them. Florida is another program right now that is close to offering me and I am happy about that, but to tell you the truth I am happy with what I have right now in terms of offers. Right now I am worried about becoming a more complete wide receiver. I feel like I am stronger then most cornerbacks and get off the line well, but I need to get better at running routes right now. My hands are good, but I need to continue getting faster and learn read defenses better. I just have a lot of things I need to keep getting better at so I have that opportunity to play when I hit the collegiate level."

When asked for his junior statistics Owens told us that stats simply are not a priority of his or something he pays attention to, so he was not able to provide them for us. His focus is more on his team success and becoming a better player and it's tough to look at that statement as anything but admirable.

As a sophomore, Owens reeled in 40 receptions for more than 900 yards and 10 touchdowns. He played quarterback as a junior and reports a 2.5 core GPA and a 22 ACT.

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