Oklahoma Still an Option for Beachum?

Youngstown, Ohio native Brandon Beachum currently holds written scholarship offers from 26 programs across the nation, however has narrowed the list down to twelve at this point which he will continue to research and eventually narrow further. Oklahoma is just one of the programs that have offered Beachum and he spoke to us about his thoughts on the Sooner program.

Cardinal Mooney High School standout Brandon Beachum could have a future at either running back or linebacker at the collegiate level and is being recruited at both positions at this point. While the 6-foot, 220-pound athlete has not given a concrete list of the twelve programs he has narrowed his list to he did state recently that Oklahoma is one of the schools on his shortened list.

"Oklahoma is definitely in that top twelve," Beachum stated. "They are just recruiting me as an athlete and given their running back situation I would imagine I would probably play linebacker there which is fine with me as I really have no preference at this point."

Beachum already has one connection to the Sooner program as his current defensive coordinator Ron Stoops is the older brother of Oklahoma Head Coach Bob Stoops. One other plus for the Sooner staff is that Cardinal Mooney runs a very similar defense to that of Oklahoma, so Beachum would come to campus with knowledge of the system.

"Coach (Brent) Venables likes my speed, aggressive style of play and nose for the ball and my high school runs the same defense as they do, so when we talk sometimes he will kind of quiz me on different situations and how I would react to them," Beachum said. "I am pretty familiar with the scheme and picked it up pretty quickly this year as it was my first at Mooney after transferring in. I play middle linebacker now as the weak side linebacker at our school was already comfortable there, but I think I would fit best at that position if I played it at Oklahoma. One thing that I do think is that I would have a head up on other players going into that scheme if I chose Oklahoma."

"I really like Coach Venables because he is a great guy, is very energetic and seems like a player's coach which I really like," Beachum added. "I think it is great that he relates so well with younger people like myself and he is just very down to Earth. We talk every couple of weeks and have been able to build a pretty good relationship up until this point."

We asked Beachum what sticks out to him about the Oklahoma program at this point and what could help them in the race for his services.

"First of all, they are one of the best programs in the country and Head Coach Bob Stoops does a great job," Beachum explained. "Their defensive is aggressive, fast and furious which I really like a lot and I think I could really make an impact at weak side linebacker for them. I also like that Coach Stoops is always checking up on me whether he is out in Norman or here in town to visit family. When we talk it is rarely about football and he is the type of guy that cares about you off of the football field as well. The winning tradition they have at Oklahoma isn't a big key in my decision particularly, but it is obviously a selling point that helps."

Beachum went on to talk about what his priorities are when choosing a school, what he plans to do with his education once football is over and when he plans to have his final decision made.

"First priority is definitely education and I am planning on majoring in some area of business," Beachum said. "I'm planning on getting into some area of communications, marketing or advertising and would really like to go into the corporate level when I get done with football. I'd say the second thing is the location of the school and how I feel there because there is a good chance I'll end up living where I go to school after I have graduated, so I want somewhere I feel very comfortable. Finally, the reputation of the program itself is important, but every one of the programs I have narrowed my list down to has a great one in my opinion. I haven't decided on my officials yet, but Oklahoma definitely could be one of them. I want to decide by November at the latest because I am graduating early and will be an early enrollment in college."

Beachum did not know his statistics from his junior season, however he does bench 345 pounds, squats 565, power cleans 260 and has a 31" vertical jump. He also reports a 3.3 core GPA and scored a 19 on his ACT test.

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