Habern Focusing on Task at Hand

Ben Habern was recently ranked the number three offensive center in the country by the experts at Scout.com and is part of an extraordinary offensive line class being brought in by the Sooner coaching staff this year. The Argyle, Texas product has been far from home over the past month and a half and Oklahoma fans will be excited to hear about the developments in his life.

Ben Habern has spent the last six weeks of his life in Atlanta at Competitive Edge Sports working with personal trainer Chip Smith and the results are definitely starting to show in a big way for the 6-foot-3, 270-pound center. With all of the controversy surrounding the Oklahoma program in recent days we took some time to catch up with the Liberty Christian High School product to get his opinion on the matter.

"I have just been down here training hard for the past six weeks with Chip Smith and I have seen drastic improvements in a lot of areas already," Habern stated. "First of all, when I got here I was weighing about 250 pounds and I am up to 270 pounds now, however while my weight has increased, my speed and quickness have also gone up which is obviously great. We have been doing a ton of resistance training and it has made a world of difference in my lateral quickness and overall agility and my strength numbers have also been improving a lot. I have been doing reps of numbers that I could barely do once when I got down here and it has been exciting to see the results."

"The only thing that has been bad about it down here is that I have been without a roommate for a couple of weeks, so it gets boring for me, especially on the weekends when we're not working out," Habern added. "Justin Johnson is coming down this week and will be rooming with me for the next three weeks though, so I am just really excited to have a buddy down here to hang out with."

As for the recent issues surrounding the Oklahoma program, Habern seemed completely unfazed by the news.

"I didn't even know until my mother sent me a text message about it the other day to tell you the truth," Habern explained. "To be honest, it could have been worse in my opinion because losing the two scholarships really isn't that bad. I think the forfeiting of the 2005 season was a bit rough, but like I said, it could have been much worse. I spoke to both Coach (Bob) Stoops and Coach (James) Patton about it and in my opinion it was just some fluke thing where a few kids did things they shouldn't have and that does not represent the university. I trust my coaching staff, have always been an Oklahoma fan and plan on playing my college downs as a Sooner, so I am not concerned at all to be frank."

What Habern is focused on however is finishing out his training regiment to the fullest of his capabilities over the next several weeks and then getting down to business this season at Liberty Christian, with the goal being a state championship in his senior year.

"In both my sophomore and junior years we lost in the state championship game, so this year I am just focused on going out and making sure I get that state championship ring before I head off to Norman," Habern said. "It was rough because both teams we lost to in the state championships were the teams we beat earlier for district championships, so that just made it harder to stomach. This year is just about that ultimate goal of taking states and then I will shift my focus to doing the same at Oklahoma."

Habern is rated a four-star center by Scout.com and earned first-team All-District and All-State honors as a junior.

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