Mitchell has No Worries

Oklahoma offensive tackle commitment Britt Mitchell spoke with us recently about the recent sanctions placed upon the Sooner program by the NCAA and also filled us in on his summer training regiment which seems to be paying huge dividends for the Roscoe, Texas native.

While reaction so far from Oklahoma commitments have been fully of apathy regarding the recent restrictions placed on the program by the NCAA, Roscoe High School offensive tackle Britt Mitchell has a different opinion on the situation. When speaking to the 6-foot-8, 340-pound lineman recently he was very blunt about his feelings on the subject and certainly is part of a large group of fans that feel the same way regarding the situation.

"This was not the coaches' fault, but the actions of three players who did things they should not have and the coaching staff got rid of them," Mitchell said. "It wasn't a matter of playing favorites and keeping the better players around either as they got rid of everyone involved, so I really don't think the should have taken any of the 2005 wins away, especially the Holliday Bowl that they worked so hard to get to. All that does is drive us more to want to win though and if I know the coaching staff that is exactly the way they feel about it too."

"I just don't get how three kids making misguided mistakes should affect an entire program when they were dealt with immediately from within," Mitchell added. "I mean, I have talked to Stephen Good about it and we both feel the same in the respect that it does not directly affect us at all, but I still do not agree with it. When I talked to Coach (James) Patton he said they would be appealing the decision, so hopefully something will be done to reverse some of it, if not all of it."

Back on May 25th Mitchell has arthroscopic knee surgery to repair some ligament damage and while the initial estimate for recovery was three weeks, he is still feeling some slight discomfort in it. Doctors have assured him it is nothing to worry about, so Mitchell has just been spending extra time working hard to improve his upper body and speed while it heals. From what Mitchell told us at the time of our conversation, it sounds like that hard work is paying off in spades.

"I have been training with an NFL strength coach and have just gotten a whole lot bigger and stronger in my upper body," Mitchell explained. "I have actually gained 20 pounds and am up to 340 now, however it is all muscle as I have actually been timing faster lately and lifting more. My clothes all fit me the same still because I am putting on the right kind of weight as opposed to just throwing on pounds. I do 300 pushups and 600 crunches on a nightly basis which has really made a huge different in my build and core strength and I feel much more explosive now. The last time I benched I did three reps of 405 pounds when maxing out and am just focused on getting myself in the best shape possible before I get up to Norman. My knee is definitely getting better day by day, but I am making sure to take my time with it and not overexert myself."

Mitchell has played right tackle his first two years at Roscoe High School, but he is switching to left tackle for his senior season. He finished with 51 pancakes on the season despite missing four games with a concussion when he broke his helmet with a pancake block to an opponent. Mitchell can bench 405 pounds and three times and was named first-team All-State last season.

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