King is "Solid" with Oklahoma

David King is hoping to help his team into the playoffs this season and has spent the offseason working hard to become a more complete player in order to be a more effective pass rusher for Strake Jesuit. King spoke recently about his summer workouts

Some players found out quicker then others when it came to the recent situation surrounding the Oklahoma program and David King eventually heard of the news through a friend last week. As mentioned in previous articles, the Houston, Texas native committed to the Sooners without as much as an unofficial visit to Norman and really put his trust in the coaching staff, so we caught up with him to see if recent developments have dissuaded the young player.

"My friend actually sent me a text message letting me know about it because I hadn't heard about it until then," King said. "I spoke to Coach (Jackie) Shipp about it this week and he explained the entire situation to me, answering any questions I had and then telling me that they were planning on appealing the ruling. I knew about what Rhett Bomar had done, but I had no idea there were two other players who were involved in what was going on until we spoke."

"As for my decision to go to Oklahoma, this does not affect it at all," King added. "I am definitely solid to the program and in my opinion, I think the punishment really does not fit the crime considering all three players were dismissed from the program a long time ago. It's just odd that they waited this long to address the situation and I really feel bad for Coach (Bob) Stoops because it takes away wins from his resume, including a bowl game that everyone worked hard to get to and win."

The 6-foot-4, 235-pound defensive end has spent most of his summer working with his team and is looking to expand his pass rushing arsenal as he admits that he is a bit one dimensional as a pass rusher right now. Plans are also in the works for his first trip to Norman and King filled us in on when that visit could take place.

"Right now I want to come up for the Miami game and that is the time that the coaching staff is hoping for as well, however I have a late game the night before that game and my mother does not like to fly, so we may not be able to make it as it would be a very long drive," King explained. "If I cannot make it to that game the coaching staff and I have already discussed me visiting during my high school bye week."

"This summer I have just been working out with my team Monday through Thursday and have been attending some seven-on-seven games," King stated. "We officially start practice on August 13th and I have definitely gotten much stronger and faster over the summer with all of the spring and lunge workouts we have been doing. I have been repping what I normally max out at on some lifts and ran my fastest 40-yard dash time to date of 4.72 seconds this summer. The biggest thing for me is working on developing more moves to get to the quarterback, because I am a bit of a bull rusher and tend to let my pad level get too high. I am trying to develop some other ways to get into the backfield right now so that I can help my team out a lot more this season."

Last season Strake Jesuit College Prep finished fifth in a newly aligned district that consists of some very talented players like Sam McGuffie and Russell Sheppard, so the goal this season is to finish in the top three and win a playoff berth.

As a junior, King missed three games with a meniscus injury, but was able to come back and finish the season strong earning second-team All-District honors in the process.

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